Indiana Pacers 107, Boston Celtics 100
Nine fouls in 42 combined minutes for Kevin Garnett and Nenad Krstic, which might have contributed to Roy Hibbert scoring 26 on 17 shots. I’m sure the Celtics total lack of tall guys depth will be fine in the playoffs though, because Shaquille and Jermaine O’Neal will both be back in time and ready to contribute for sure.

Charlotte Bobcats 87, Milwaukee Bucks 86
Maybe it’s a lucky win for Bobbedcats — even though Milwaukee missing a lot of shots in a row isn’t exactly flukey — but it’s also a big win for Charlotte, keeping them within a game of the Pacers with nine games remaining. Doesn’t hurt that five of those games are against the Wizards, Cavaliers (twice), Pistons and Nets.

New York Knicks 113, Orlando Magic 106 OT
According to Carmelo Anthony, this was just an “almost must-win.” Ergo, we should just be almost impressed that the Knicks finally won a game. Not totally impressed, just almost. Like, “Kinda neat, guys.”

Philadelphia 76ers 97, Chicago Bulls 85
After the Bulls cut the Sixers’ 16-point halftime lead to five at the end of the third quarter, things were set up pretty nice for another Derrick Rose fourth quarter extravaganza. Instead, the Sixers extended the lead to 12 and beat Chicago at home for the first time since January 18. In other words, weird.

Portland Trail Blazers 100, San Antonio Spurs 92
Four injured starters for the Spurs, which led to James Anderson getting his second start of the month. No, I’m not sure who he is either. Kind of like a hybrid of James Earl Jones and Paul Thomas Anderson, I’m guessing.

Washington Wizards 100, Utah Jazz 95 OT
Just when you think the Jazz have really hit rock bottom they go and lose to the Washington Wizards at home. It doesn’t get much worse than that, but I wouldn’t bet against the Jazz to find an even lower low.