I’m sure you remember that time Prince painted Carlos Boozer’s house purple. How could you ever forget that? It was by far the greatest story in the history of NBA real estate. By far. So great.

However, you don’t know the backstory, what else happened and the epilogue. Until now. Via the Chicago Tribune comes this story that should be read to children before they go to sleep. And the best place to being, as always, is at the beginning.

“My realtor was like, ‘Yo, there’s this guy who wants to rent your house. He saw it before you bought it,’” Boozer recalled of the 2004 transaction. “I was like, ‘I’m not leasing my house. I’ve never done that.’

“The amount of money he was willing to pay made me reconsider. And that’s how Prince rented my house out.”

Way back when, it was reported that Prince was playing $70,000 a month to live in Boozer’s house. I’m sure everyone will agree that that is more than enough money to make anyone want to rent their house to Prince. Heck, I’d do it for half that.

But it gets better. For instance, did you know that Prince changed everything back because he’s a really nice guy? You probably didn’t, but he totally did.

“He made it purple,” Boozer said. “He wanted to put his personal touch on it because he wanted to make it feel like home. I was kind of worried about that when I saw the house. But Prince was great. I had a conversation with him. He changed everything back the way it was before he moved out.

“He did some very specific things that were built for him and his lifestyle, which is very different than mine.”

Ha. Classic quote right there: “He did some very specific things that were built for him and his lifestyle, which is very different than mine.” So great. I would imagine Carlos Boozer and Prince have VERY different lifestyles. Pretty much the only things they have in common are ornately sculpted facial hair and that people in Utah don’t like them.

This whole situation, of course, lends itself to one very obvious question — does Carlos Boozer like Prince’s music? The answer: just the music, nothing else.

“Not a big fan of some of his concerts. He likes to do the butt-cheek thing, not really my thing. Some of his music is pretty hot, though.”

Yep, definitely likes to do “the butt-cheek thing.” One of his favorite things to do, really. Good to know that Carlos Boozer is so anti-butt-cheek thing. In case you were wondering whether or not he was, because he is. Don’t even try it.

But really, we’re lucky to have this story — as the Tribune mentions, Boozer signed a non-disclosure that prevents him from getting in to the nitty-gritty details. And that’s too bad, really. This story is so great, even without knowing exactly what else was going on inside that house. We can imagine some things, but even our imaginations probably can’t concoct what actually went down.