TBJ Top 5, featuring some suspects

There are 13 games tonight, with 10 starters in each game. That means there’s 130 chances that a player misses their introduction because they’re browning. Would that not be incredible if it happened two days in a row? Yes, it would. Here are your most likely candidates.

Orlando Magic at Atlanta Hawks
Dwight Howard, because he thinks people would think it’s funny and he’s down with mocking LeBron.

Houston Rockets at Philadelphia 76ers
Brad Miller, because if I think it’s hilarious, he’ll think it’s hilarious.

Miami Heat at Washington Wizards
Chris Bosh, because LeBron did it.

New Jersey Nets at New York Knicks
Brook Lopez, because he still thinks upper-deckers are the best party prank.

Portland Trail Blazers at New Orleans Hornets
Marcus Camby, because he is very old and when the urge strikes it’s not wise to wait.

Comments (3)

  1. Jordan Crawford might take the chance to shit on LeBron again. And this time, there will be instant video proof!

  2. This is easily the best Top 5 of the year. Far and away. No contest. You were probably inspired by the inescapable hilarity that surrounds you in Canada.

  3. Speaking of Jordan Crawford, he did score 39 points tonight, that’s kinda amazing. But he plays on the Wizards, so they lost, obviously. Anyway, the man has a very decent future in this league.

    And, Trey, great top 5. I’d say that Juwan Howard, at approximately 67 years old, would be a suspect as well.

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