Ep. 687: Rip-Roarin' Fun

On today’s show, Skeets and Tas breakdown a busy night in The Association. Topics include: Jason Collins’ excellent one-on-Dwight defense, why the Hawks can (and will?) beat the Magic in a seven-game series, ‘Nique’s strange night, and the Hornets big win over the Blazers — in front of a pathetic “Not In” N’awlins crowd. All that, plus debates about Kevin Durant’s “rip” move, whether John Wall will be suspended for throwing a punch/elbow at Big Z, and if we should rhyme off other NBA scores.

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Comments (29)

  1. I also think the Magic will take the Hawks in a seven game series, if the Magic are healthy.

  2. Nice shirts guys.

  3. Jason Collins is talked about more on this show than any other scrub/stiff 7 foot lame. I mean okay guys, he is an average defender who can help the Hawks in certain situations but you do not fail to mention the guy at least 2 times a week. It is getting absurd, enough with him. He will not make or break this team in any way shape or form.

  4. Note: I am not saying Collins should not merit discussion when appropriate..but to have entire segments about him after every Hawks win or loss is overhyping how good of a defender he is & underhyping how bad he is offensively. He has been an average to below average player his entire career. He will not win the series against the Magic…he had a solid game last night but there are around 100 other players who are more interesting to talk about then a big body average 7 foot defender.

  5. He made or broke his team last night. Am I right????

  6. Boris Diaw did last night too, doesn’t mean he should merit discussion 2 times a week.

  7. In regards to the Kevin Durant “Rip Move”… I think it should be a no call. The shooter initiates the contact, so how is it the defender’s fault? A defensive player should get up in a player’s face, because it’s part of defending in the NBA, so why in the world should he get called for a foul when the offensive player hits him? Dumb rule and should be taken out. It causes too many free throws and it really slows down the game. As a fan, it’s boring to watch players do that instead of taking a man off the dribble or creating a play.

  8. 8 trillion for Sonny Weems!

  9. A few notes from Atlanta . . . last year Jason Collins nickname with the other players was the “Big RV”.

    The foul that you guys indicated should have been flagrant was immediately following a move by Dwight Howard that normally would have been called as an offensive foul (would have been his 3rd). Just wondering if that affected the severity of the refs call.

    Late in the game, Larry Drew went to a 3 guard lineup for offense. Dwight Howard came to life. Local rumor is that Josh Smith begged him to get Jason Collins back on the floor which he did at 1:40 left. Just in time to save the win. Think about that before picking the Hawks. SVG may be annoying, but in a series he is likely to adjust circles around Larry Drew. Quite a mismatch in coaching.

  10. If anyone can adjust to the Blazers game plan, it would be Monty Williams who assistant coached the Blazers except for Wallace. I think the Blazers were out of gas in the 4th quarter. Batum and Mathews were cold on offense after trying to shut down Paul all night. Cold shooting 4th quarter and way too many turnovers or the Blazers win that game running away.

  11. Hubie Brown talked about the rip move on Sunday when the thunder played the blazzers. (KD did it on one end and then immediately on the next play it happened to him with Gerald Wallace doing it to KD) What he says defenders should be doing is not leaving the arm out like that for extended periods giving the offensive player the time to pull that move off. Hubie says that you are suppose to extend and retract your arm quickly and constantly.

  12. Tas, when you’re right, you’re right. But Horford could drop 30 on Turk in about 20 possessions. You can’t see him going 11-15 FG, 8-11 FT, 10 boards with Dwight and Bass off the ball? He only needs to draw the fouls from Turk to get bailed out, I’m sure he would oblige.

    My fiance loves his sexy accent and body so I dispise him(Horford not Turk). But the more I watch in silent rage, the more I fall in love with his one handed runner/hook shot/push jumper. When he gets it going, it’s sweeet, effortless!

    Admit it Tas, your girlfriend loves Al Horford as well, you feel my pain. But squash the hate. I think you were early on the Horford Waggon, get back on and claim much deserved acclaim.

    I admit, however, he has faded over the recent losing streak but ask your girlfriend, whether it be on DVR or in her dreams … He’ll be back!! As A POWER FORWARD!!!! HA HA HA !!

  13. Tas’ girlfriend loves Al Horford? Um, try Tas LOVES Al Horford? (He has pretty eyes.)

  14. Skeets, anyone who thinks the Hawks could beat the Magic this year in the Playoffs should try to remember what happened last year.

    I’ll clue you in – it was the most lopsided elimination in the history of the playoffs. Can I have sum of what u r smokin’?

  15. Here is a pic of Michael Cooper playing defense on Alex English:


    I think Durant would have a field-day with that…

  16. Last year- before the Kevin Martin trade- Carl Landry was the injury-decimated Rockets’ best 4th quarter scorer. Can’t remember whether he also pulled it off the year before in the playoffs though.

  17. Vesper: Collins played a TOTAL of five minutes in last year’s 4-0 sweep, Rashard Lewis WAS a bit of match-up problem for the Hawks (he went for 20 points in two or three games), and Kirk Hinrich’s perimeter defense is LEAPS AND BOUNDS better than Mike fuckin’ Bibby’s. But, hey, we’ll see …

  18. Skeets, your Collins arguement I would buy, but Howard is not the same offensive player he was a year ago, Rashard Lewis I can’t argue cuz he might go for 30 points or 1 depending on the matchup, and Hinrich’s defense… I’m a huge fan of it (remember how Dwayne Wade would struggle against him?)

    Other than the massacre they received last year, my strongest arguement will be that the Hawks players just don’t give a shit come playoff time. Can anyone argue that?

  19. @Tas

    That’s a basic basketball rule, at least in the FIBA rules, and I don’t think the NBA rule is that different, that each player has a “cylinder” which acts kinda like a restricted area around the player. If your arms are in this particular area, it’s your damn fault if you happen to touch the player (it goes both way, the defender has acylinder around him as well). That’s why you hear high school coaches and refs (such as myself) yell every single possession : “hands-off” “keep your hands to yourself”, “put a hand UP and play D with your legs”.

    Now, should it be that way? You can argue the “common sense” of the rule. But it IS a rule.

  20. “Well what’s the fucking point of this show then, Melas?” had me rolling

  21. That Alex English picture makes it look like Mr. English needs to use the potty!

  22. Skeets, it’s less the eyes and more the “Stone Cold Dominican Warrior” behind them(Think a B.ball version of George Bell, without the bat, cigarets and Soul Glow). That and the lashes, I think he uses falsies. Wow, gotta stop listening to Horford Hype, I’m becoming a groupie!! Playoffs save me.

  23. LOL @ the look Tas gives Matt at 16:10: “That one pissed him off”.

  24. as long as the nba doesn’t address pierce/manu flops, durant should be able to do that

  25. Skeets you forgot to mention “a whole cheesecake” with your Boris Diaw “Whoa Boy” stats line.

  26. Why were you guys so upset at each other today? You need to work whatever it is ou because if I don’t get my Jones I’m gonna be pissed. Keep up the good work.

  27. I am not a fan of the rip move. The players need to play basketball, not play the refs.

  28. I like Heat-Struck’s idea of the rip move being a no-call. If the defender’s not hacking (not moving his own arms to strike the ballhandler) and the offensive player just makes incidental contact while the ball is still below the shoulders what effect does that even have on the shot? Melas might be right, though, too tough to call accurately in real-time.

    And yeah, I loved the “then what’s the fucking point of this show” bit too. But if you were gonna talk about nearly every game how about showin some love to the Bulls for gettin back on track to blow out the Wolves? C’mon Skeets, more espn game recap.

  29. The problem isn’t “can Al Horford dominate Turk?”, ‘cuz we all know he can, the problem is “are the Hawks going to give Horford the goddamn ball?”

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