One of the old-timey strategies for negating the impact of a dominant player is to beat him up. The Pistons called it “The Jordan Rules,” and you still see it in today’s games, when Dwight Howard gets horse-collared in the post. It makes sense — if you keep hitting a guy over and over, odds are he’s going to stop wanting to be hit all the time, and eventually he’ll just start settling for perimeter plays, thereby proving the strategy effective.

However, some players are way too muscular for these dastardly tactics. All the fouls in the world won’t harm the NBA’s strongest players. Like LeBron James, who isn’t fazed by Mo Evans’ rough play. From the AP:

“I don’t know if Mo Evans intentionally wants to be dirty. I watch a lot of basketball. I see a lot of basketball every day, and anytime when someone gets grabbed around the neck, it’s an automatic flagrant-1. If I’m wrong, tell me I’m wrong,” James said. “Sometimes it’s unfair, because of how strong I am, you know. I can take the punishment of course, but at the same time, I think it’s unfair sometimes.”

Let’s just all admit that this part of the quote — “Sometimes it’s unfair, because of how strong I am” — is the best part. It’s pretty much the nicest way LeBron could say, “I am so physically dominant that it’s almost cheating,” without actually saying it. Plus, the fact that he adds in that he can take the punishment, just to remind Mo Evans that he’s Mo Evans, makes it even better. As far as LeBron James humblebrags go, this is my new favorite.

Not to mention, he’s totally right. The man’s the most athletic 275-pounder the NBA’s ever seen (don’t believe his listed weight of 250 lb. since that’s a lie) and getting hit hard in the shoulders is nothing when your shoulders are made of granite. Especially from a welterweight like Mo Evans. Come on. This is a guy who could be an All-Pro NFL tight end, you think a 220 lb. guard is going to be a problem? Not so much.

In fact, I’m guessing that when you foul LeBron James, you’re the one who feels it. Why do you think no one ever takes a charge on him? And no, “because the refs wouldn’t call it anyway” isn’t a valid answer, even if it’s true.