Chill out, Juwan Howard.

I know you just want to stand up for your teammate, but the guy has 11 inches on the dude he’s “fighting.” Not to mention, maybe he shouldn’t get so upset about a guard trying to steal the ball from him, since that is pretty much his job. Considering he’s 7-foot-3, you’d think an easy way to keep the ball safe would just be to hold it over his head, like an eighth grader keeping a ball away from a third grader.

Plus, Juwan Howard, by just rushing in there and pushing JaVale McGee all willy nilly old-timer style, you’re going to get suspended. 63-year-old men should not be getting suspended, even though I understand that that’s how they played basketball back in the 1940s. Sorry, Juwan Howard, but basketball players are not “cagers” anymore. This is the 2010s, man. You’re going to throw your back out.

In conclusion:

(photo via CRLS)