To quote Tas Melas of The Basketball Jones, “JaVale McGee shouldn’t even play offense. He should just wait on the other end until to block more shots.” With blocks like these, it’s hard to argue with that strategy.

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  1. This guy is amazing, I wish he could just learn to be consistent – with his lenght and athletic abillities he can easily be an all star.

  2. Also supporting that theory, this post move:

  3. also supporting the support of this theory the related

    “A Glimpse of the JaVale McGee Experience”

    But you’re right – from the physical ability standpoint he could be an All-Star. Hell, that’s the reason he participated in the dunk contest, isn’t it? Fortunately he also reminds us all that in order to play basketball you need more than just that.

  4. Kept it in play to boot, nice.

  5. He should (almost) never get a touch on offense, well at least not a pass in to actually score. He should only concentrate on offensive rebounding and garbage point in the paint. Maybe later he’ll develop some sort of post moves, but as of now it’s pretty bad-looking.

    On defense though, keep your man and help protect the basket. That’s it.

  6. Lovin the stare down after he blocks D-Wade.

  7. YEah, too bad the finger-wag has become illegal, ‘cuz it would go well here…

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