Philadelphia 76ers 108, Houston Rockets 97
Now that they’re three games out with only seven games left on their schedule, it feels like we can officially say goodbye to the Houston Rockets. Bye, Rockets. It was fun watching you sometimes. Plus, you gave Brad Miller a lot of money, so you’re cool with me. See you next year.

Milwaukee Bucks 104, Toronto Raptors 98
Someday, I’ll tell my great-great-great-great-great grandchildren (by this time, science will be so advanced that people will live for at least 300 years) that I once saw the Milwaukee Bucks score more than 100 points in a game in person. I’ll also tell them that I saw Michael Redd score five points after a 444-day drought.

Indiana Pacers 111, Detroit Pistons 101
Good win for the Pacers, who beat a bad team down the stretch, which is something they don’t always do. Needed it too, because a loss would have left them only a half-game up on the Bobcats.

Atlanta Hawks 85, Orlando Magic 82
17 points for Dwight Howard, but they came on just four made shots. That means Melas is going to spend all day talking about how great Jason Collins is. Fun.

Miami Heat 123, Washington Wizards 107
At one point, this was a one-point game in the fourth quarter. Then the Heat were like, “Wait a second, we’re barely beating the Wizards and just lost to the Cavaliers. We should do better.” Then they outscored Washington 32-17 in a little more than nine minutes.

Charlotte Bobcats 98, Cleveland Cavaliers 97
Dang it, Anthony Parker. You were so close to giving the Cavaliers their first two-game winning streak since the second week of November and helping keep the Bobcats out of the playoffs. You could have been a hero in two cities.

New York Knicks 120, New Jersey Nets 116
Nice that the Knicks won again, but Carmelo Anthony trash-talked Sasha Vujacic before the game. That’s a loss right there.

Chicago Bulls 108, Minnesota Timberwolves 91
The Bulls haven’t had a two-game losing streak since Feb. 5 and 7, and considering the way their schedule is set up, they’ll probably end the season having gone more than two months without losing two in a row. Not sure what you can take from that, but not losing two straight in the playoffs is definitely a good thing.

Memphis Grizzlies 110, Golden State Warriors 91
Hope this isn’t a jinx, but congratulations on making the playoffs, Grizzlies. You did it. (Pending the season’s final two weeks.)

New Orleans Hornets 95, Portland Trail Blazers 91
New nickname for Willie Green — “Oh, Really?” Because he did this, which makes you say, “Oh, really?”

Denver Nuggets 104, Sacramento Kings 90
It looks like the Nuggets are probably going to finish fifth in the West, barring a collapse down the stretch. That’s good, because it leaves them playing the Thunder and that’s going to be a great series.

Oklahoma City Thunder 116, Phoenix Suns 98
Five straight wins — and 11 of their last 12 — for the Thunder. Yeah, that Denver/OKC first round is going to be awesome.

Dallas Mavericks 106, Los Angeles Clippers 100
The Mavs are trying pretty hard for the two seed — Dirk Nowitzki said, “It’s not the end of the world to be (No.) 3, but we’re going for it” — which is kind of weird because it’s the difference between playing the Blazers and the Hornets. I guess the Hornets are a little less scary? I don’t know. Not a big deal, I don’t think.