Sure, they’re laughing now. After the game? Not so much.

I know the Knicks don’t have much inside — so Big Bird going for 26 and 9 is understandable — but letting a little guy like Grover go off for 30 is embarrassing. The guy doesn’t even control his own arms.

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  1. Cookie Monster’s a freaking beast!

  2. Just addded Cookie monster to my fantasy team.
    Championship here I come.

  3. the timberwolves should sign grover.

  4. Isaiah Thomas wants to trade for Elmo.

  5. Should that be 38pts for Grover?

    I can’t believe the poor game by Elmo!

  6. Looks like Elmo was being guarded by Jared Jeffries

  7. Cookie Monster’s a beast? I’ll take Oscar the Grouch! 15 pts, 14 rebs w/ 5 offensive! Plus he was much more efficient at 5-10 than C. Monster’s 9-25 line.

  8. I’m gonna assume Big Bird got in early foul trouble and played passively. That’s the only possible excuse for 1 blocked shot. Come on Big Bird, Turiaf barely gets off the floor, send his ish back.

  9. Man, if Big Bird was blue or green he’d be just another player. Y’all know that, right?

  10. Before people get into Elmo he clearly used in a stopper role. Geesh.

    O. Grouch’s game is often misunderstood and many question if he would have been drafted much higher if it weren’t due to his history of “Attitude issues”.

  11. With such terrible +/- numbers the Sesame Street bench must have really pulled them through!

  12. lol…great headline.. New York Knicks learn ā€˜Dā€™ is for defense..

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