Yep, still looks silly when someone else does it.

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  1. uh, still looks funny when kobe does it. especially considering he stole it from dirk.

  2. Sad Dallas fan is Sad.

  3. Pau Gasol: “Dat ass”

  4. i’m no dallas fan lol raptors fan, but i’ve watched dirk do that face for years and remember a bunch of people chirping kobe the year he busted it out in the playoffs due to it being dirk’s thing.

  5. From Urban Dictionary
    “mean muggin”

    definition -
    When someone gives you a not so nice look, like their ready to throw some hands.

    used in a sentence -
    “Yo, that cat is mean muggin’ son!”

  6. Innnteresting. Kobe does really like Dirk, too.

    Dirk lost his chance at trademarking that “face” because he lost in the finals the one time he was there, and then lost in the first round to an 8 seed the following year.


    Pau’s face = funny. Like almost every Trey Kerby article.

  7. Maybe nobody remembers Dirk’s version because it’s only been seen twice beyond the 2nd round of the playoffs.

  8. Paul Pierce has the best “I’m pissed” face. Especially because he only pulls it out when he makes a jumpshot. What a tool.

  9. is this the black swan face that kobe was talking about?

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