OK, it is funny enough that Steve Blake and Jason Terry fought each other because those guys seem so mild-mannered. But when you’re watching this fight and you see that the Lakers are almost entirely unconcerned with holding back Steve Blake — despite his MMA training –  that he ends up wandering up to Terry a minute after it all started and no one even cares, that’s when the laughs really start happening. Everybody on the court is like, “Relax Steve Blake, you’re not going to do anything. Fix your beard.”

That being said, no matter how many fake MMA fights Steve Blake’s done, I can’t say I disagree with the decision to focus more on controlling Matt Barnes. I mean, who would you rather fight? Exactly.

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  1. Joe crawford is so fucken annoying, hope he gets ejected one day.

  2. WTF was the Mavs assistant coach doing holding Barnes? Also Reggie Miller is the worst thing to happen to basketball. Ever.

  3. Is there a better move than the “I got ejected, now Imma throw my jersey into the crowd” move?

    No. There isn’t.

  4. Joey Crawford is a big pile of poop, and has been for the past century or so. I swear the man is like 80 and still refereeing like crap. I still don’t see how Haywood got ejected. Maybe because he was trading phone numbers with Barnes. I like that Steve Blake has shown some cojones, it makes the Lakers even more frustrating to play for their Western Conference opponents who are more mild-mannered than a Kobe/Artest/Barnes trio.

    Also worth noting : Ron Artest was still in the game after a brawl! That’s amazing in itself.

  5. The word fight shouldn’t be used at all. It was a shoving match at best

  6. Mavs are soft. No chance of beating the Lakers in the playoffs.

  7. Blake’s actually pretty fiery. I think the Lakers just don’t care if he gets tossed because he’s such a bad defensive player. Someone on the bench is probably urging Fisher to go get involved, too.

  8. I like how the Lakers edited out Reggie’s stupid comment about how Kobe is policing the bench. Giant LOL when that happened.

  9. Travis must not realize that Blake did a great job containing his man the entire game and that the main reason the Lakers picked him up was for his passing, 3 pt shooting and defense. Haters gonna hate

  10. They picked up Blake for his defense?

    That must be a case of mystaken identity.

  11. MMA here in Portland is no joke. Blake is part of our MMA tradition. 10 out of 10 times I’ll fight Barnes before Blake. Blake is not joke.

  12. I think its funny he picked on the least aggressive player, and then gets sucker punched by Barnes! Someone was throwing a fit cuz they were down by 17 pts!

  13. Tahdd,
    Very true. Back when Blake was a Blazer, he was #1 on my “Don’t fight this guy” list. I’ve spoken to folks that trained at the same gym as him, and you’re right, Blake is no joke.

    All the same, modern era NBA fights are a joke…

    “I push you!”
    “You push me?!? I push you!”

    The late great Maurice Lucas said of a prior era, “Back then, it was only a $50 fine for punching a guy in the mouth.”. Nowadays, you’re looking at thousands (Belinelli just got dinged with $10,000 for a Flagrant 2). No wonder Blake withheld his Fists of Fury.

  14. I don’t think Kerby would fight a blindfolded cardboard Steve Blake.
    The Lakers are tough this year. And play good basketball. They made all the good signings in the offseason, chemistry is there and now they are united.
    That is what Phil Jackson teams are about.

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