Meeting your idols is a tricky proposition. On one hand, when you finally get to encounter someone you’ve always looked up to, it can be a wonderful experience because you got to know that person on a more personal level. On the other hand, it can be a disaster, like when Johnny Dakota offered the “Saved by the Bell” gang some pot after being hired to film an anti-drug campaign at Bayside. It’s sad to find out that a person you looked up to isn’t all their cracked up to be. Just ask Zach and Kelly.

Or, I suppose, Glen Davis, who doesn’t really understand what Shaquille O’Neal is all about. From the AP:

“He’ll be OK. Shaq’s always going to be all right,” backup Glen “Big Baby” Davis said. “He doesn’t get hurt. Shaq is invincible, man. That’s what I believe in. He’ll be back. Man of steel. That’s what I’ve been believing since I was a little kid.”

Sorry to have to break it to you, Glen “Big Baby” Davis, but that is just not the case, no matter how much you believe it. Shaq is very vincible. Perhaps a little too vincible, even. Man of Steel or not, he gets hurt a lot. (Plus, steel is a malleable metal, which means it can be dented and broke, so sorry about that too. Just a little alloy info. No bigs.)

In fact, saying that Shaq “doesn’t get hurt” couldn’t be further from the truth. Shaq hasn’t played an injury-free season in a decade, and he’s only played 70 or more games seven times in his 18 season career. Saying Shaq doesn’t get hurt is like saying Shaq looked good with just sideburns in that it is 100 percent not true. Prevalent opinion among chubby Celtics, but not true at all.

To be fair, Shaq seemed indestructible when he first entered the league. Smaller players flew off him, he starred as a superhero, even taco neck syndrome couldn’t slow him down — it was quite the show of power. But as he got older, it became pretty obvious that Shaq got hurt quite a bit. Little things here and there would add up and Shaq would be gone for eight games. Now that he’s exactly one million years old, it doesn’t take much. That’s weird, but it’s our new reality. Watching someone get old sucks.

But let’s not tell Glen Davis. He’ll probably cry when he finds out Superman bleeds.