We have all had our laughs saying that Kris Humphries’ excellent season has been because he is dating Kim Kardashian. “Ha ha,” we have said, “It’s the Kardashian Effect. Anyone she dates does well. Remember when Reggie Bush won a Super Bowl when they were together? It’s just like that.” Many giggles ensued and we all jokingly chalked up Hump’s success to that big ol’ booty.

Well, ummm, maybe it is time to stop laughing. Because Kris Humphries is literally saying that Kim is part of the reason why he’s so good this year. From CBS New York:

“You know, it’s interesting. Just being around her, seeing how hard she works, and everyone in her family and what they do, it’s motivating for me,” Humphries said. “I want to be the best that I can be. I wouldn’t say it’s the only reason I’ve had a great year, but it definitely factors into that.”

OK then — the Kardashian Effect is a real thing that causes athletes to perform better when they are dating any of the sisters. Good to know, even if it should have been obvious. The evidence is compelling.

Lamar Odom has won as many titles in the year-and-a-half since he married Khloe as he did before they were married. Reggie Bush won a Super Bowl when he was dating Kim, then broke his leg the next season after they split. Miles Austin became a go-to receiver while with Kim, maintaining that success after their breakup despite the inevitable “Final Destination”-like curse that follows her ex-lovers. I am sure that guy Scott Disick is probably a scratch golfer since he had a baby with Kourtney. The Kardashian Effect exists and it is powerful. A proud man such as Kris Humphries would not confirm this hypothesis were it not true.

Now, all we need to do is hire a sports psychologist to research this phenomenon. I can think of no better use of tax-payer dollars than investigating the performance effects of beautiful women. Hopefully, after years of experimentation, we’ll be able to put that knowledge to use so that every athlete can benefit from the Kardashian Effect without having to appear on execrable reality television programs.

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  1. “Kardashian” is Armenian for “Contract Year”, I guess.

  2. Lamar won a title, then got married, then repeated.

  3. haha dude has like the perfect troll face i can just imagine him saying “problem?”

  4. Vesper — good catch. Had my dates mixed up.

    Illmatic — I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed: http://twitpic.com/4gzmyx

  5. I wonder if he has ever told her that he was once traded for Rafael Arujo.

  6. Kris Humphries is hotter than Kardashian…

  7. Yeah it’s because of her strong work ethic. Seems pretty obvious.

  8. [...] me, though. If a grown man wants to be known as “The Incredible Hump” while he’s dating a woman who became famous in part because of a sex tape, more power to him. He’s got my vote. No [...]

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