I am not really sure what is going on here, but I think it’s kind of like that Bud Light commercial where Conan O’Brien does a commercial in Sweden that is never supposed to be seen in America only to be seen by everyone in America. Except this is real life and maybe for Sprite and it stars Kato from “The Green Hornet?” I don’t know.

Just watch it and try not to say “Ko Ko Ko Ko Kobe” over and over again. This is your new favorite song.

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  1. that shot of kobe biting or licking his finger around 2:15 is incredibly creepy and erotic.

  2. wha wha wha wha whatever.

    yeah guhzelle that was a bit homoerotic.

    I love the Lake Show, But Kobe always does some embarassing shit around the time of year. Last year it was the all white photo shoot. This year its,

    “my Man.”

    “I’m not your man.”

    Then everyone makes fun of him and it gets talked about everywhere, and Kobe kills it in the playoffs. Its like he does it to get more motivation. LOL

    Anyways, this song is my new ringtone.

  3. ha ha ha You got Spark!

  4. This is one of the lamest /gayest videos ever – and this is coming from an asian guy……….

  5. Lame video aside, Jay Chou is a huge pop star in Asia. I really like his songs. He’s been around for ~10 years now.

  6. Not Chinese: this faggot is from Taiwan

  7. taiwan belongs to China~~ok?

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