You dropped questions; we’ve got a show. Join Skeets and Tas as they discuss future Hall of Famers; the “Most Valuable Bench” in the league; “NBA Jam” vs. “WWE All-Stars”; why Rick Carlisle refuses to play “The Beaubonic Plague” big minutes; the sensational media; Shaq and the Celtics’ title aspirations; Pistons worth building around; contraction darts; kicks; the French Ja Rule; and which NBA players should have their own sitcom. All that, plu— no, that’s about it. Thanks for the mail, team! We’ll have to do this again.

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  1. Yes! Mail call is back. Back in the day when I worked the streets that’s what I called my Friday nights.

    Now thanks to the internet it’s 24/7.

  2. Regarding Beaubois, I would agree that the leash has been too short for him, but I think it’s more than that. He has made a lot of mistakes, but (1) he’s really young and, having missed most of this season (and having been so terribly mishandled by Carlisle last season), has very little experience, and (2) he’s thinking way too much. When you watch him play, it’s plain that he’s not playing freely–he’s over-analyzing everything he does trying to avoid mistakes which, as we all know, inevitably leads to more mistakes.

    I think most of the blame for that undermined confidence/hesitant play has to go to Carlisle. When Beaubois sees Barea go out and overdribble his team into bad shot after bad shot but not get pulled, it can’t help but damage his mindset to then get pulled for committing a TO or taking a bad three. That’s not a good thing, especially when, as Tas points out, if you’re going to get your secondary scorer (which you have to have to go anywhere), it’s going to be Beaubois.

  3. MVB = “Bench Mob” of the Chicago Bulls

    PG CJ Watson
    SG Kyle Korver
    SF Ronnie Brewer
    PF Taj Gibson
    C Omer Asik

    11th man / Fill-in starter for Noah or Booz: Kurt Thomas

    Bulls have done the hockey line substitution (all five of these guys at same time), but usually leave one starter (usually Deng) with 4 bench players at the start of the 2nd and 4th quarters.

  4. yay my sitcom question got answered ^^ that’s a pretty nice 15 minutes of fame right there. i thought you would go with dirk, since he seems to be one of your fav’s (and rightfully so). i couldn’t come up with the polish hammer though, and i like tas’ VC/farmar kind of gang. i would watch that. btw: why don’t you guys have a sitcom? i mean, the overdose feat. taco trey is already funnier than most sitcoms anyway, how bout a video version of that, minus the nba talk? “this week on the jones: taco trey kerby and matty o compete in a figure skating contest to impress holly. meanwhile, skeets & tas get into a fight over a bowl of cornpops, and wind up not talking to each other for the rest of the day. as a result, JD has to pick up the slack and anchor the show on his own.”
    that would be pure gold.

  5. Chris Bosh: Everybody Hates Chris
    Luol Deng: The Big Deng Theory

  6. ^^…featuring chris bosh as chris bosh

  7. NBA Jam is nice, but do y’all remember NBA Street Vol. 2? That was a waay better game…

  8. “2 of a Kynde” starring Brook and Robin Lopez. 2 Hilarious guys, So-bad-it’s-good name for a show, as the characters would be called Brook and Robin Kynde (90′s sitcoms always had the first name of the actor with an altered last name for puns and such). Basically the brothers just hanging out, getting up to wacky hijinx.

  9. The Bulls’ 11th man (Kurt Thomas) led their team in scoring earlier this year. I’m ashamed we didn’t mention their bench.

  10. I would love to see Reggie Evans host a talk show.

  11. holy shit skeets you just brought me back, i remember vicki with her creepy monotone voice and when they would open up her back. im pretty sure she sore a red colored dress, might have been poka dots.

  12. Shoulda called it an all-mail revue… blah.

  13. The Timberwolves use their entire bench for sickeningly long stretches of time, mostly because Rambis is an utter loon.

  14. Joakim Noah needs his own show. He’s already shown he has the humor and it would present an endless supply of French jokes.

  15. you guys looked bored as hell playing video games

  16. I nominate “Wrap Stars” in which we follow Delonte West and his cousin around the globe, sampling different regional fast food chains while rapping about it on the Discovery Channel. Never airs earlier than four in the morning.

  17. The Thunder do a full 5 man substitution sometimes.

    PG: Eric Maynor
    SG: James Harden
    SF: Daquan Cook
    PF: Nick Collison
    C: Nazr Mohammed

  18. MVB = Lakers headlined by Lamar. As for video games, gotta check out Marvel vs Capcom 3 and NBA 2K11, only games I play. Might give Jam a gander. Tetris ftw. The song sounds like “Little Man Farts.” I always cramp/fuck up my feet wearing Nikes, so I rock some cheap shitty White Reeboks. And 1 Tai Chis ftw. Contraction game shows ftw. Kevin Love is a funny dude, check out his 24 Hours segment on NBAtv.

  19. Shaq in particular may not have a huge impact, but somebody large is going to have to be in the middle. So I guess it has to be Shaq or Jermaine (with Krstic coming off the bench).

    No question the play of the big 4 is the key though as you guys said. Rondo putting pressure on the defense starts it all. But, someone big needs to anchor the middle. I’m not sure if we can count on them playing as well as they did at the start of the year for a whole playoff run. You guys said it multiple times: all five starters were shooting over 50% for a long, long time. Don’t know if that’s something you can count on.

    Vinny Del Negro would play Balkey in the remake of Perfect Strangers.

    This isn’t a sitcom, but for some reason I really trust these guys taste in food. I’d love to watch a show where an NBA player takes us to their favorite restaurant, what they order, the nuances of the menu. Food channel. I’d watch it all the time.

    An extension more unique to them might be fancy shit their cooks make them. I read an article once about the Krispy Kreme doughnut bread pudding that Chris Paul’s chef makes him. I’d watch a 2 hour long special just about that.

  20. Comedians can’t even make funny sitcoms.

  21. @ brian

    Wrap Stars sounds amazing. I would tune in every day!

    @ Nintendo_Jones

    Maybe it’s just me but I thought King of Queens (Kevin James) and Seinfeld were pretty damn funny.

  22. Worst HOF Snub — Dick Motta (Coach). Lots of kids are out there on the NBA internet blogging and tweeting, but sadly, a lot of these kids grew up with Jordan as the alpha point of the NBA. Know your NBA / ABA history. If it wasn’t for a coach like Dick Motta we wouldn’t have guys today like George Karl and (previously) Jerry Sloan running the FLEX offense. It would only have been fitting to see Tex Winters (Triangle) and Motta go in together. But whatever . . .

    Sad to see you guys keep disrespecting Fesenko for ‘funny nba player’ which you guys seem to debate about a lot. (Not saying that guys like Dirk or Duncan aren’t funny, they are; but there are different types of funny out there) Fesenko and Elson would be a stellar sitcom about two opposites forced to live together. This conflict based show practically writes itself. Fesenko is a little bit country, sloppy, and slow. Elson is from a big city (A’dam), savvy, and bright. They both fight for playing time on the court, and both fight crime (despite themselves) at night. Of course, many episodes will detail their difficulties with the ladies as well, not just the fact that they will both be out of the league soon. It will be called: “Role Playas”.

    Fesenko’s funny interviews are all over youtube, and elson has way better comedic timing as a straight man than I ever would have guessed ( )

  23. I somehow got a pair of Adidas Crazy 8 sneakers that Kobe used to play in a few decades ago as a rookie ( the the initial designs, the ones after were weird ) and they are by far the most comfortable and also durable sneakers ever :) With the ankle support, the quirky face-like sole, they are just amazing :) Eastbay got them back on a few times over the last couple of years and they usually sell out within a month :) Amazing shoe! It is a model from almost 14 years ago and still it is better than most models out today :)

  24. When i sent in the question on the MVB i was definatly leaning towards the Bulls and Spurs.

  25. I know they’re a shity tema but what about the Clipps? Kaman or Jordan, whoever comes off the bench, Aminu, Foye, with Bledsoe and even Moon… They’re aboslutely not the MVB bust a contender for MFBTW (most fun bench to whatch) hm?

  26. Hah, Gortat with Manu, Dirk, Hedo and last but not least Rony over-the-top Turiaf would be a fun show… International flavours galore :D

  27. A Magician A Flutter: The Andrea Bargnani Story.
    After the unfulfilling 2010-2011 NBA season, Andrea returns to his home country in existential turmoil. Unsure if basketball is right for him, our protagonist finds solace in his childhood hobby: kites. Along the way to Italy’s big kite-flying competition, Il Mago succumbs to old feelings for his first love, confronts a rival kite-flyer on the hills of Tuscany, and discovers the secret of rebounding from a blog post written by Kevin Love. Will Andrea be crowned the best at flying kites in Italy? Tune into the Hallmark Channel this Sunday at 11:45. You might not be disappointed.

  28. Dirk is probably the guy i laugh about most when watching basketball…espesially the interviews at all-star weekend over the years. There’s this video of the german basketball team (plus Dirk) singing on youtube and i fell out of my chair laughing.

  29. The sitcom you guys said earlier where Carmelo rents Big Z’s House and he’s always coming in and doing Land Lord things…put Landry Fields in there too you have a Comedy Gold Mine!

  30. Bring back Arrested Development with an all NBA Cast
    Michael Bluth – Kevin Durant (Your basic straight man every series needs one)
    George Michael Bluth – Chris Bosh (He’s nerdy and awkward plus Bosh is probably the Michael Cera of the NBA
    GOB – Ron Artest (I feel like this ones kinda obvious could be Dwight Howard because of the Magic connection and showiness)
    George Bluth – Mark Cuban, Mikhail Prokhonov??[spelling?], or David Stern (Typical arrogant billionaires i suppose)
    Tobias Fuenke – Jordan Farmar with some glasses (throw some glasses on and the resemblance is uncanny plus i like the idea of farmar getting into painful yet funny hijinks it just seems like it fits)

    I cant come up with any more but i’m sure some of the NBA wives would make good lucilles and lindsays i.e. La La Anthony and Khloe Kardashian. I really hope someone else gets these references

  31. re: popovich and hill – its worth pointing out pop went with hill a fair bit in hill’s rookie season because of injury. when the playoffs rolled around, pop basically said “hill won’t get much burn”, spurs lost in the first round, and pop admitted afterwards he should’ve trusted/played hill more.

    i think the vast majority of coaches prefer veterans, and when push comes to shove will chose one over a rookie/sophomore, even if the vet isn’t a better player.

  32. SMALL WONDER! You know how long it took me to figure out what show this was a few years ago, and people thought I was nuts? I thought this was some cheap Canadian TV show that only a few select people ever watched. That made the podcast for me.

    What a crappy intro too:

  33. Absence only makes the heart grow fonder until you watch Bucks v Magic. Then you pine for the absence again.

  34. DeMarcus Cousins as an newly appointed teacher for inner city troubled youths. His girlfriends will be some hot, bossy young thing who keeps him on a short leash and all his students make fun of him for it.

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