It has been a while since we’ve seen a t-shirt that makes you drop everything and say, “Yep, that needs to be seen.” But that’s because we’ve never seen a shirt that featured Matt Barnes, Ron Artest and a not-so-vague death threat. Problem solved.

This shirt, cleverly titled “Kill You,” comes from Barnes’ Elusion clothing line and it is immediately everyone’s favorite Lakers shirt. I mean, look at it — “Matt Barnes will kill you if Ron Artest doesn’t first” is actually printed on an honest-to-goodness t-shirt that you can actually buy in real life for $30. That is just a remarkable thing that is true in the year 2011.

The shirt’s a sequel to last year’s “Matt Barnes will kill you” shirt, and I’d say this is a “Back to the Future” situation where the second one is better than the first. Not only is it hilarious in its own right, it’s even funnier to imagine the conversation where Barnes asked Artest if it was OK to use him on a shirt about murdering people. Not to mention, it’s great that Barnes is willing to admit that his brand of crazy pales in comparison to Ron Artest’s. That’s called being honest with yourself and it is an admirable quality.

A+ work all around.

(via Dave McMenamin)