Welcome back, NBA. We have missed you. Yes, even you, Charlotte Bobcats.

Philadelphia 76ers at Boston Celtics
What is wrong with Jeff Green? Basically, he is a sissy. Doc Rivers says he’s “too nice.” George Karl says the Thunder are better now that he’s gone, mostly because they are more aggressive. Toughen up, man.

Oklahoma City Thunder at Denver Nuggets
Another first round playoff preview, and this is the series I’m looking forward to the most. Sure, that’s because I’m a huge fan of non-royal blues, but still.

Phoenix Suns at Chicago Bulls
Word on the street is that Steve Nash is back and that the Bulls might be at full strength. Ergo, this might be fun. Unfortunately, Goran Dragic is gone, because I would be OK with a repeat viewing of this.

San Antonio Spurs at Atlanta Hawks
Yes, these are good teams, but they are also good at making boring games. None of that, please. We already had one night with no NBA. Don’t waste our time.

Sacramento Kings at Houston Rockets
The Brad Miller Bowl is a definite must-watch, even though he probably won’t play in his namesake game. Rumor is that everyone is growing weird goatees in his honor.

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  1. All these games will be one-sided except the OKC/Denver game, which will be fun.

  2. I’ll be watching one of the unmentioned ones – Lakers vs. Jazz… It’ll be interesting to see if Fesenko tries head-hunting Kobe again. The Ukrainians are funny that way – unpredictable-like. I still remember the time Slava tried picking a fight with Rasheed Wallace in the ’05 Finals. And ‘Sheed just stared at him in disbelief.

  3. this season’s spurs team is boring?

  4. That is why OKC got rid of Green. He does not go hard like Westbrook and The Durantula.

  5. I’ve always understood if people felt that Tim Duncan lacks the emotional intensity that other NBA players possess, but I’ve never understood how watching Tony Parker break into the paint or Manu Ginobili throw his body around like he’s a stuntman could have ever have been considered boring. If you think back on the past decade’s playoff series history, the Spurs have had some ridiculously awesome series(es?), the 2006 Mavs-Spurs series, anytime until last year against the Suns, anytime against the Lakers.

    Just never got it, is all.

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