Ep. 691: Pencil To Pen

On today’s show, Skeets and Tas focus on two possible playoff matchup previews: the 76ers vs. Celtics (discussing JO’s defense, Rondo’s pace, Iguodala’s minutes) and the Thunder vs. Nuggets (Perkins and Nene’s faceoff, Karl’s bench roulette, James Harden’s play, missing Afflalo, more.) All that, plus the Kings go spoiler, the Magic and Hawks step in cement, and another crop of your shitty NBA doodles. Cheers!

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Comments (12)

  1. Skeets. Awesome shirt.

  2. Nice show guys but would it kill you to wear a fucking collared shirt. Looks like it’s a college podcast. This isn’t radio.

  3. ^^^^ lol wtf u going on about?

  4. Tas is correct — the Celtics success is 100% dependent upon Rondo.

  5. Lamrock with teh doodle. Heh.

  6. Love the doodle grading. Definitely agree. Second and third were pretty much equally good.

    I’ve always said that Garnett is the most important Celtics by far because of what he provides defensively (note that despite injuries their defensive efficiency has only dropped significantly this year during the stretch when he was out). But, you guys are definitely right, Rondo’s pace is the most important part of the offense. When he’s putting pressure on the D, they’re great. When he’s not attacking, the offense stagnates quickly. I guess in the end, those 4 guys are going to have to play great for the entire postseason if this team is going to have a shot.

    Seeing that stare down last night…hearing you guys talk about it today…it makes me long to have Perk back in green. I hope the Thunder fans appreciate what he brings. The numbers say (and Danny Ainge keeps reminding people of this in radio interviews) that the Celtics defense has not dropped off. That’s true, and as you saw last night they can still defend. But….if we’re fortunate enough to be in the finals against the Lakers….I think Perk will be missed greatly. Especially is Shaq can’t go.

    As KG is my savior, I guess Perk is a disciple.

  7. On the third doodle isn’t Dwight thinking about Superman, like “anyway, call what you want, I’m Superman” ;-)

  8. Also, I would strongly discourage the collared shirt idea. Maybe one person wears one once in a while. But, never both wearing one at the same time. Wouldn’t feel right.

  9. Collars are saved for the quarterly report.

  10. Great show guys! keep up the good work! Looking forward to playoffs!

    Long time listener, first time commenter!

    I just had an idea for the show that I thought I would suggest. It wud b interesting if u guys cud revisit ur Predictions from before the start of the season to see how each of u did. Maybe the person who did the worst cud b subjected to an embarrassing stunt. Just a suggestion.

    There’s something I’ve always wondered. Tas, do u wax ur arms man? I’ve noticed recently that they seem quite smooth but judging by ur thick beard I wud imagine u to b a hairy guy. Not that there’s n e thing wrong with being hairy. I’m the hairiest brown guy in the TDot myself!

  11. Haha, who are you on NLSC, Seb?

    Thanks for reviewing my doodle, guys. For clarification, Oden’s thinking about his nude pic fiasco from like a year ago, and Dwight about the Superman cape. A truly hurried doodle.

  12. @Sal – I may the least hairy Greek man in the GTA – I’ve been blessed. My arms aren’t smooth. As a brown man, you should realize that hair can often blend with skin colour.

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