It’s a nice idea, but maybe Gary Neal should stop trying to take charges. Never seems to work out as well for him as the guy who he’s trying to stop. Just a tip, because this is getting embarrassing.

(via Akis Yerocostas)

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  1. This was a really neat 2 pointer.

  2. “If you don’t like this then you don’t like the NBA!” the announcer says….. lol

  3. Well I like dunks, but I can rarely enjoy them because of the over-excitement people get into… I mean, when you say “destroy”, “monster” and things like that, you oversell it.

    When I read those kind of things I’m waiting for more than a one-handed facial on a guy who doesn’t really conteat. It’s nice, but once you’ve seen a guy jump over a guy to dunk (which is what “dunk over [someone]” should mean), you really aren’t gonna be that shocked that often… Especially if it’s oversold.

  4. He was so close to shouting at his hand, there, and I feel cheated.

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