NBA players — they’re just like us!

From TMZ:

Atlanta Hawks star Jamal Crawford is pissed at his former landlord — which is ironic, because the landlord claims Crawford’s dogs pissed all over his home — and now the two are headed for court.

Crawford has filed a lawsuit against the landlord — claiming she won’t return his $20,000 deposit on an Atlanta mansion he rented … insisting he only caused $1,700 in damage during his stay.

But according to — the landlord says she’s going EASY on the guy — because his massive doggies — 2 bull mastiffs and a rottweiler — relieved themselves all over the home … we’re talking #1s AND #2s.

In fact, the landlord claims the designer blinds are stained with dog pee … and she has to replace the carpets because the smell is unbearable. She claims the dogs also chewed up several banisters and doors … and the plumbing needs to be replaced because the sinks were clogged up with dog food.

Who among us hasn’t rented a luxury mansion only to let their gigantic dogs poop and pee all over the entire house? That’s called fertilizing and it’s as good for carpets as it is for plants.

And who among us hasn’t fed these gigantic dogs by filling up sinks with dog food? So much easier to dump a huge bag of kibble in the bathroom than it is to fill up all kinds of bowls every day. Saves your back too, since you don’t have to bend over all the time.

And seriously, I think we can all admit that we’ve sued our mansion landlords for $60,000 because they won’t give us back our $20,000 because that stupid idiot doesn’t know anything about how to treat a canine. This is just everyday, normal dog owner stuff that we all go through.

I mean, if I had a dollar for every time Yams ruined my designer shades with her pee, I wouldn’t have to rent my mansion — I’d buy it in cash. I find in favor of Jamal Crawford and award him every penny of that $60,000.

On the other hand, gross. Really, really gross. So gross.

(via EOB)