Ep. 692: All In

On today’s show, Skeets and Tas jump around Wednesday’s NBA results like a couple of David Sterns hopped up on Four Lokos and angel dust. Topics discussed include: Roddy Beaubois’ PG start, J.R. Smith leadin’ the Nuggets’ “Hot Hand By Committee” charge, seldom-used Corey Brewer, that pesky Knicks’ mirage, Thad Young’s huge fourth quarter, Clyde Frazier’s A-game, Q-Rich’s temper, and Dwight Howard’s ridiculous 18th technical. All that, plus a look at next week’s busy TBJ calendar.

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Comments (6)

  1. The Matrix reference! Good job Skeets.

    The Nuggets would probably stand a better chance against the Mavs. In fact I would favor the Nuggets in that matchup, whereas I would probably take the Thunder if they take the 4th spot.

  2. “Kidd is in and they win” yeah right! bring him in then lets see.

  3. you mentioned 300 clicks for the playoff match up videos. About how many is normal for a daily episode?

  4. I forgot a 0, I meant to type 3000* clicks

  5. Your hand gestures to describe the Wanker of the week was hilarious.

  6. Blake “trending topic” griffin

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