Is Chris Paul happy?

Last night, the Hornets clinched a playoff spot with a win against the Houston Rockets. After missing the postseason last year and a summer that saw Chris Paul maybe request a trade, you have to wonder if this little bit of success has left New Orleans’ star point guard with a feeling of jubilation.

So, Chris Paul, are you happy? From the AP:

“Man, I’m just happy. Most of all, I’m happy I’m healthy,” said Paul, who missed 37 games last season, the only season in the past four to finish short of the postseason. “Just the opportunity to go out there and play every night—my fiancee will tell you I’m just happy. I’m a happier person knowing that I’m getting a chance to at least give us a chance.”

Oh, good. I was kinda worried that maybe he wasn’t that happy because he’s always got that sourpuss look on his face, but when you use the word “happy” or its derivatives once per sentence in a postgame interview, you are probably pretty chipper. Questions answered, fears assuaged.

Glad that’s settled. So happy he’s happy. Back to work.

Comments (3)

  1. He’s like a reverse Dwight Howard…he scowls on the court no matter what his mood is.

  2. That’s the best photoshop job ever except for maybe the Kobe slippery hand post the other day. Trey you are the best.

  3. Whoa this actually does make me feel better. I honestly had a dream last night that CP had late-stage Parkinson’s, like worse than Michael J. Fox’s, and was still playing and just getting lit up.

    All the announcers could talk about was how good he was before the disease hit and “what could have been” type slop.

    It made me so sad but now – Unicorns!

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