With the inevitable lockout quickly approaching, NBA employees are going to need to find jobs to tide them over until Billy Hunter and David Stern work things out. And though we’ve already heard what a bunch of players are going to do, what about the coaches? They’ll need jobs too since volunteering in the local youth leagues doesn’t pay squat. That’ll be tough, because these guys have done nothing but basketball for the past 30 years and it’s hard to switch professions when you get older.

Except Scott Skiles. He’s kind of got something lined up at Service Merchandise because he knows everything there is to know about the newest technologies. From the AP:

Skiles pointed to the large high-definition video board hanging over midcourt in the first quarter, trying to plead his case that referees had botched a foul call. “HD nowadays. That’s not a foul,” Skiles said, to no avail.

Just a classic sales technique, right there. Point out something on a crystal clear HD screen that you wouldn’t be able to see if you were watching on a cheap standard definition setup, then watch the sales come pouring in. Sure, it might not have worked on the referees, but they’re notoriously cheap customers anyway.

All he has to do to move some televisions is trust the process and refuse to take “No” for an answer. Maybe don’t scream at the shoppers at the top of his lungs either, but we can work on that.