The NBA season is coming to an end, a lockout is looming, and the war of words between Commissioner David Stern and union head Billy Hunter is gettin’ ugly. Let the smear campaign begin!

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  1. Instant classic

  2. I’m at work and I laughed too hard when the hammer and sickle came up.

  3. Brilliant. Totally playing with fire though. When David Stern comes looking for you guys (and you know he will), plead ignorance. Tell him you supported the microfiber synthetic ball a few years ago or something to get back on his good side.

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  6. One of the best I’ve ever seen from you guys. Very entertaining!

    Great work, keep it up.

  7. Little-known fact: David Stern’s brother is the CEO of the Fairsley supermarket chain.

  8. The Communist ad was by far the best! So funny guys! awesome post!

  9. Dude that was like a parody of the political ads in California when it comes time for propositions or governor elections, you guys nailed it straight on. Unions are hated on so much in the US, but its odd to me that the rich dudes, the professionals in sports, that their unions are tolerated and even celebrated… ok ok I get it… but if you support the players union then you need to support all unions…. Basically the players are being exploited, but I’m sure that blue collar workers are exploited even more……

  10. This is hilarious, and it needs to get huge. Best video ever.

  11. For a bunch of socialist Canadiens, you sure know how to push the funny buttons. Brilliant work JD.

  12. Money in the bank

  13. Hey David Stern, if you’re great, I’m really great.

    (Paid for by friends of Harrison Greeley the Third)

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  15. One of the best things I have ever seen. Laughed so hard.

    Hat off!

  16. millionaires vs. billionaires, fighting over our money .. f*ck the lot of ‘em.

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