TBJ Top 5, featuring Pip

Two games tonight. Just two, and one of them is a Jazz game. Hurry up, playoffs.

Boston Celtics at Chicago Bulls
A win for the Bulls puts them four games ahead of the Celtics and four-and-a-half games ahead of the Heat for the top seed in the Eastern Conference, with just four games remaining. A win for the Celtics means they can still get homecourt advantage up until the Finals. Plus, the Bulls are honoring Scottie Pippen, and the current team won’t want to ruin his night. So yeah, this’ll be good.

Portland Trail Blazers at Utah Jazz
Remember when a late season game between the Blazers and the Jazz would be really exciting? Thanks for nothing, guys.

Perfect Couples (NBC — 8:30pm ET)
The last episode of a series that probably would have benefited from a second season. I like it, but it’s probably not great for ratings that the show’s biggest name is the worst character. Oh well.

Jimmy Kimmel Live (ABC — 12am ET)
Vin Diesel is on to talk about the best movie of all-time, “Fast Five.” Can’t miss TV.

Bear Whisperer Returns (Animal Planet — 1opm ET)
They were going to make a sequel to “Grizzly Man,” but that didn’t work out so well.