Questions that must be answered with regards to Dwight Howard’s 18th technical foul:

  • Why does he take so long to shoot his free throws anyway? You’d think a guy that takes that kind of time getting ready for an unguarded 15-footer would make more than six out of 10.
  • Similarly, would Dwight Howard be a better free throw shooter if he didn’t think about it so much? Someone get Malcom Gladwell on the phone. I’m sure he has a theory.
  • Is there a sillier way to miss a game than a mandatory suspension resulting from getting mad because you’ve been whistled for taking too long on a free throw attempt one night after you were whistled for the exact same thing? Speed it up, dude.
  • Could there be anything more Duke than counting down than a player counting how long it takes for an opposing player to shoot a free throw?
  • Has anyone not associated with “Sesame Street” ever been as happy to count to 10 as Gerald Henderson was in this clip?
  • What is going on with Gerald Henderson’s hairline? Is it from 1983?

As y0u can see, there are a lot of very important questions about this 10-second violation and subsequent ball roll. Your answers are appreciated in the comments below.