Questions that must be answered with regards to Dwight Howard’s 18th technical foul:

  • Why does he take so long to shoot his free throws anyway? You’d think a guy that takes that kind of time getting ready for an unguarded 15-footer would make more than six out of 10.
  • Similarly, would Dwight Howard be a better free throw shooter if he didn’t think about it so much? Someone get Malcom Gladwell on the phone. I’m sure he has a theory.
  • Is there a sillier way to miss a game than a mandatory suspension resulting from getting mad because you’ve been whistled for taking too long on a free throw attempt one night after you were whistled for the exact same thing? Speed it up, dude.
  • Could there be anything more Duke than counting down than a player counting how long it takes for an opposing player to shoot a free throw?
  • Has anyone not associated with “Sesame Street” ever been as happy to count to 10 as Gerald Henderson was in this clip?
  • What is going on with Gerald Henderson’s hairline? Is it from 1983?

As y0u can see, there are a lot of very important questions about this 10-second violation and subsequent ball roll. Your answers are appreciated in the comments below.

Comments (4)

  1. gerald henderson’s hairline is chasing kobe bryant’s

  2. The pure joy and excitement Henderson had counting this out was pretty cool. Not a fan of his, but from the box score it looks as if he played quite well last night too with a career high in points

  3. Just for the record, Paul Pierce has been counting to 10 during Dwight’s free throws for a couple years now.

    Also, you really have to buy Henderson as a legitimate starting 2 in the NBA in the next few years. Guy plays great aggressive D, is strong going to the hole and athletic enough to get more than his fair share of and1s, and looks like he has the work ethic to get his jumper up to (maybe even above) NBA average. Going to be a solid role player for the next decade.

  4. Henderson is a corny motherfucker for that one. Have some pride; dude looks like an excited fat 3-year old girl who just got a cake out there.

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