Due to the retrograde motion of Mars, we can’t show you our entire 22-minute television program from Thursday night. But what we can show you is this slap-chopped remix that features an intense edition of Crossfire, a Hall of Fame rant (I see you, TPA!), a scantily clad Kardashian, a murderous David Stern, and a very “official” Wanker of the Week posse.

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Comments (8)

  1. You guys never give the Thunder’s bench any credit. C’mon, Eric Maynor should be considered a top 3 back up PG, James Harden is coming into his own, Daequon Cook rains 3s, and Nick Collison and Nazr Mohamed are solid defensively

  2. Solid videos.

    Man, I went to a Warriors game in February against the Celtics. Crowd was pretty good, but it was half Celtics fans.

  3. Walton would get in even based on NBA carrer. He was the MVP for god sake. He won title just by himself.

  4. actually, what the refs did was technically correct. if two refs disagree on a call, and a resolution can’t be reached, a jump ball is the correct call.

    having said that, whoever was the crew chief should’ve pulled rank and made a call one way or the other.

  5. That’s all I was asking for, Andrew.

  6. I love you guys. But your intro theme song is just so gay.

  7. @ Tas:

    Strongly disagree with the Wanker choice. Why exactly would it have been better to have a call one way or the other? The way I see it, either a) it was clearly one or the other (block or charge), or b) it was truly indeterminate and basically a judgement call.

    If a), the refs should be criticized for not making the right call. But that happens every game multiple times, wouldn’t warrant a wanker award and anyways isn’t what you call out; you just want a clear decision, but don’t seem to care which way it would have gone.

    If b), I don’t understand at all what the refs did wrong. A jumpball after a truly indeterminate situation seems to me to be a much fairer outcome than just arbitrarily choosing one side. Sure, you don’t want to have a jumpball after every tough call, but if they really can’t decide who’s right, I think it would actually be pretty dickish to just decide on a whim.

  8. No Memphis for must watch team of the season!?

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