In today’s new media landscape, there is something for everyone. To give you a sense of how fractured programming is, consider that even Canadians have the opportunity to watch a 30-minute program about basketball every week. It truly is amazing, but it also forces us to make important choices.

Today’s is no different — do you want to watch Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian pass alcohol back and forth between each their mouths or do you want to watch the second episode of “The LeBrons?”

If you choose the former (up top), you get a brief glimpse in to the life of an NBA star who lives with his reality television star wife and 38 other people, which seems terribly hectic. If you choose the latter (down below), you get to see different parts of LeBron James’ persona give advice on how to pick up chicks, marking the second straight week where the moral of this “socially-conscious” cartoon for kids is kind of confusing.

Like I said, tough choice.

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  1. Actually Canadians can’t watch either of these videos, they’re both blocked here.

  2. It’s for the best.

  3. It seems stupid this is blocked in the UK. Like some big company here has invested millions in a deal to get Khloe and Lamar on tv!

  4. Too bad K&L is unavaiable in Poland… I could use a good comedy…

  5. I’m in Canada and i watched both no problem.

  6. “There’s no premature shooting here…” Wow.

  7. While the Lebron’s might be a little morally ambiguous, I think it’s a pretty funny and surprisingly witty show. I’m subscribed…

  8. Can someone PLEASE re-uplaod it to some other video or file hosting site?

  9. I’m glad they got the white kid right, that IS how I shoot a basketball!

  10. @Paul

    I had a real good laugh at that.

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