TBJ Top 5, featuring not much

Outside of the Clippers and Pacers, every team has two games remaining. That means you need to check out some of these non-playoff teams while you still can.

Orlando Magic at Philadelphia 76ers
But first, watch some games that might be good, like this one. The Magic can’t move anywhere, but a win would get the Sixers a half-game closer to playing the Celtics in the first round.

Miami Heat at Atlanta Hawks
Finally, Mike Bibby and Kirk Hinrich can swap stories about how awkward it was being a point guard for the Wizards when they just drafted their franchise point guard.

Oklahoma City Thunder at Sacramento Kings
Next-to-last Kings game in Sacramento, against the last team to ditch their city. I wonder if anyone will compare those two things.

Golden State Warriors at Denver Nuggets
Games in Denver are usually pretty fun, as are games featuring the Warriors and their hijinks. So basically, watch this.

Dallas Mavericks at Houston Rockets
A win gives the Mavs a half-game lead on the Lakers for the second seat in the West. A win for the Rockets means they’re three-and-a-half out of the wild card with one game remaining. You gotta believe.