Just missing the dunk was funny. The fact that he tried to dunk it as hard as humanly possible was even funnier. But then, just when you think things can’t get any better, Von Wafer celebrates his missed dunk while the rest of the play is still going on, only to finally realize he missed, at which point he slams in to Jermaine O’Neal causing a turnover.

So basically, Von Wafer cost the Celtics two points, two different times. In a one-point game. Classic.

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  1. To make this play even more perfect, every NBA fan’s answer to the question “which player would be most likely to spectacularly miss a dunk, unknowingly celebrate it, then cause a turnover when he figured it out?” was standing right there! The most Andray Blatche-iest play of the season, and Blatche stands idly by, for once the mocker and not the one being mocked.

  2. God even I’m embarrassed after that.

  3. That was so much fun to watch.

  4. In Von’s defense…..we have been missing plays like that ever since Tony Allen left town. But, if he really wanted to give us the full TA experience, he could have fouled a three point shooter towards the end of regulation……..oh wait, Carlos Arroyo did do that.

  5. I love that he realizes what he did and feels like a complete idiot afterwards, with facial expression to match. Love it.

  6. This and Kosta Koufos congratulating Kenyon Martin with his elbow, all in one night of basketball. OH YEAH.

  7. Hey I am new to the TBJ site and i love it :) (I’m from Germany)
    Now I don’t like the Celtics but somehow I feel for this guy^^- poor underdog can`t shine in his playing time :P

  8. Oh man, that was sad. I kept saying that the C’s should give this guy more minutes, he could be their next Tony Allen (I mean that in a good way). Guess I was wrong.

  9. Yea.. I feel bad for him. I’d tell you that top NBA players missed dunk… He is not the only one. But it’s the context he missed it that’s the killer right there.

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