Chicago Bulls 102, Orlando Magic 99
39 points on 17 shots for Derrick Rose. It’s like he’s been reading the online criticism of his advanced statistics and decided, “OK, fine — I will be a highly efficient player while continuing to win all kinds of games. I talk in very stilted sentences.” Nice win for ze Bulls, who still have a chance at the NBA’s best record, though they’d need a Spurs loss for that to happen.

Miami Heat 100, Boston Celtics 77
Pretty big win for the Heat, who hadn’t beat the Celtics before heading in to yesterday’s game. That being said, I’m mad at Miami, because now they’re not playing the Knicks in the first round. Jerks.

Detroit Pistons 112, Charlotte Bobcats 101
The Bobcats outscored the Pistons 40-25 in the first quarter before realizing it usually takes them about 30 minutes to score that many points and that no one cared what happened in this game.

Toronto Raptors 99, New Jersey Nets 92
Stephen Graham, Dan Gadzuric and Ed Davis all got a start in this game, marking the first and last time that that sequence of words will ever be used. Hopefully.

Memphis Grizzlies 111, New Orleans Hornets 99
These two teams are tied for the seventh spot right now. New Orleans has Utah and Dallas left, Memphis has Portland and the Clippers. So, basically, they’ll be tied at the end of the season meaning New Orleans has the pleasure of playing the Lakers, while the Grizzlies get the Spurs. Really wish that were flipped. Make it so.

New York Knicks 110, Indiana Pacers 109
Carmelo Anthony made the game-winning jumper with four seconds remaining, then blocked Danny Granger’s attempted game-winner on the next possession. One of these things is surprising.

Dallas Mavericks 115, Phoenix Suns 90
The AP notes that the Mavericks have never played a season with less than two overtime games. So far, zero for this season, in what is the most interesting thing about a 25-point win over a team that is already eliminated from the playoffs.

Sacramento Kings 104, Golden State Warriors 103
Not only did Monta Ellis fall so hard that he had to be taken to the hospital, Louis Amundson was chosen to shoot Ellis’ free throws and he made just one. So not only did the foul cost the Warriors one of their best players, it also cost them a point and the game. Sucks, but at least Ellis is doing OK, telling teammates afterward that he was feeling better.

Oklahoma City Thunder 120, Los Angeles Lakers 106
Remember when the Lakers went 17-1 to start their post-All-Star break schedule? That was neat. Now they’ve lost five straight games and could feasibly slip to the fourth spot in the Western Conference. What’s the opposite of momentum? (Not mutnemom, because that’s not a real word.)