When we talk about non-superstar players, there’s always that caveat that once upon a time these guys were their teams’ superstars, whether it be in high school, college or on the playground. There’s always that assumption that no matter how terrible they may seem in the NBA, these guys were dominant basketball players at some point in their careers. I mean, Mark Madsen was an All-American in college. Twice.

But that’s not always true. Even though these non-elite players are still way better than you or me or that 6-foot-7 ginger who you play against every morning, they weren’t always necessarily the best player on their team. Take for instance, D.J. Augustin, who made a game-winner against the Pistons. He says he hasn’t made a shot like that since he was even smaller than he is now, which isn’t something you’d expect from who is a go-to guy. From the AP:

D.J. Augustin said it had been a while since he hit a game-winning shot like he did on Monday night.[...]

“I guess when I was younger, playing Biddy basketball, about 10 years old,” Augustin said about his previous similar game-winner. “I was playing for the New Orleans All-Stars and I hit a shot that put us in the national championship game. That was it.”

Now, I’m not able to check out D.J. Augustin’s teammates dating back to when he was 10 years old to see whether or not he’s a filthy liar, so let’s just remember that he went to college with Kevin Durant for a year, followed that with another season at Texas and then joined the Bobcats where he’s never been the guy to take the last shot in a game. There is a very good chance it’s been 13ish years since D.J. Augustin hit a game-winner, and that’s kind of amazing.

So amazing that I don’t even care that it was in a meaningless game between two teams who aren’t going to make the playoffs. Live it up, D.J. At this pace you won’t hit another one until 2024, which will never come because of the Mayans. Enjoy it while you still can.