Any time the Celtics lose, people talk about how they shouldn’t have traded away Kendrick Perkins, despite the fact that Perkins had played just 12 games for the team this season. That’s what’s going to happen, though, when a team trades away one of their defensive cornerstones then loses 12 of their next 26 games. Even more so when said team has won a championship and been to another Finals with the cornerstone in place. It’s a natural comparison to make.

And, according to Doc Rivers, it’s also a possible money-maker for the Thunder’s new big man. From the AP:

Rivers had a good laugh over the criticism the Celtics have received for trading Kendrick Perkins to Oklahoma City. “Like I jokingly told Perk, he should renegotiate again,” Rivers said. “His value keeps increasing by each loss. It’s amazing.” Seriously, Rivers cited Boston’s record without Perkins and said the criticism over the trade is “silly.”

I’m no salary cap expert, but I’m guessing there is no “a player shall receive additional money for each loss by his old team after a trade” clause that is available to teams. Even if there is, it’ll probably be removed in the new CBA. That being said, this would be a brilliant negotiation strategy by Kendrick Perkins. Give it a shot, whoever his agent is.

As for Rivers’ “silly” comment — well, he’s the one being silly. When a team gets blasted by its competitors, like the Celtics did against the Heat, it’s so valid to question whether or not they should have traded one of their best defenders, especially considering the struggles that Jeff Green’s had since coming to Boston. Maybe it’s too early to judge this trade (it is), but it’s certainly worth talking about when a championship contender makes themselves worse on purpose.

Nonetheless, I think we can all agree that Doc Rivers is pretty good at jokes and that he would be a valuable guy to have on your side during contract negotiations. With forward thinking like his Kendrick Perkins suggestion, he’s the next Jerry Maguire.