For a guy who continually repeats his two bits — an impersonation of Stan Van Gundy and impression of Charles Barkley — ad nauseum, Dwight Howard came out with zings a-blazin’ following last night’s destruction of Jrue Holiday, adding another layer of awesome to his incredible dunk. From the AP:

Dwight Howard asked for a moment of silence. He bowed his head, closed his eyes and paused to remember Jrue Holiday’s career for what it was before he was posterized on Howard’s rim-wrecking dunk.

“As I was in the air, I was talking to him,” Howard said to laughter. “Jameer, what did I tell him in mid-air?”

“Don’t jump,” Magic guard Jameer Nelson said.

“I don’t know why he jumped,” Howard said. “He wanted to be in the poster with me because we both wear Adidas.” [...]

“Jrue’s a nice guy,” Howard said. “Sometimes, like your momma says, ‘When you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time, bad things happen.”’

Howard ripped a stat sheet out of Nelson’s hand and scanned the roster for previous victims.

“(Andres) Nocioni, yeah, he’s in one of my posters,” Howard said, rattling names down the list. “Yeah, they’re all on my posters.”

Best Dwight Howard jokes ever? I vote yes. He’s like the second coming of Reggie Warrington.

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  1. Hilarious, but it’s just another example of Dwight not being 100% serious on the court. Definitely hilarious though.

  2. Can you blame him for not being so serious and trying to have a bit of fun in such a meaningless game?

  3. ???

    What would a “serious” person have done on the court? Not dunked the ball or…

  4. Great caption…”How Rude!”

  5. that poster is funny .. number 20 back there is thinking “did jrue just contest the alley oop against dwight howard? OH NOOO HE DIDNT!!!”

  6. I’m shocked that Basketbawful did not use this image under the heading “Monday Night Manlove”.

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