Ep. 695: NBA Awards Time

On today’s show, Skeets and Tas discuss, debate and distribute some season-ending hardware for the six major NBA categories: Rookie of the Year (a lock …), Defensive Player of the Year (a padlock …), Sixth Man of the Year (here we go …), Most Improved Player (oh, God …), Coach of the Year (man, this is tough …), and Most Valuable Player (Derrick Rose vs. Dwight Howard … FIGHT!). Enjoy the show, and make sure to let us know your NBA award winners — and nominees — in the comments below.

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Comments (71)

  1. I think you guys missed one big point of playing the bench to start

    They need to build chemistry since they are still getting to know each other. And the wizards are a pretty good scrimmage team that they should have beat playing the bench anyway

  2. Defensive player – Thabo

  3. ROY-Blake Griffin, DPOY-Dwight Howard (honorable mention to Tony Allen, which should be the real award considering Dwight will win this for years to come), Sixth Man-Lamar Odom, Most Improved- Kevin Love, COY- Tom Thibodeau.
    For MVP, I have Dwight Howard. I will admit that having watched every Magic game this year, I do have some bias. I recognize that Rose is a fantastic player, but do not think he is the most valuable. I don’t want to write an Essay on this topic so I’ll be breif. The impact Dwight has on the court is tremendous and a great example of this is the head to head matchups against the Bulls. In the 3 games that Dwight Howard played, Rose averaged 20.3 PPG, 6.7 APG, and shot 37.4% from the field. Compare that to the 39 points, 4 assists on 76.4% shooting that Rose put up on Sunday against the Dwight-less Magic and you start to see the impact that Dwight has on this Magic team. Offensively he is the centerpiece of a top-10 offensive team, and defensively he is the only reason that a sorry group of defenders is in the top-5 in defensive efficiency. So, there’s my Dwight for MVP arguement. Again, sorry for the length.

  4. My most improved player would be Nick Young. If only for the fact I haven’t heard his name (which is something for someone who watches so much NBA) for his first three seasons. Sure, his per-minutes aren’t that much better, but he now has a name across the NBA, you know he can go for 30-35 points on any night.

    As for CoY, definitely the hardest of the lot, because of McMillan, Karl, Pops, Thibs, Monty, etc. I think Thibs will win it, but I like Karl’s case for the past 20-25 games or so.

  5. I think Derick Rose is amazing, and Dwight, well his technicals deffinetly jepordize his chances, but again, he puts up good numbers despite. In my opinion e MVP is someone who has demonstrated leadership, and has played at a high level for his team throughout the season. A man who has led the league the enitre season in points average. And who day and night demonstrates he can get the job done. Kevin Durant. He is leading a younge team. Yes there is other talent on his team, its a good team, but so does chicago have big players, defensively especially. He has made them better and every game he scores and scores and scores. Maybe not as athletic as Rose, his moves are not as jaw dropping, but again his FG% is higher. give me the reasons why this man is not the MVP. In a legendary debate you guys had a few months ago skeets said he would build a franchise around Durant becasue simply put, in the game today, he is the best. Derick Rose was not even mentioned in that conversation. Durant clearly is the Most Valuble Player of the NBA. What are yor thougts?

  6. Chuck Hayes for MPOY. Yes, that’s the “Most Player of the Year” award.

  7. Most improved broadcaster – Skeets
    Most defensive Broadcaster – Tas
    Most Improved Camera Man – Matty O
    Most Valuable TBJ Member – JD

  8. Great comments so far.

    That is all.

  9. Gonna miss FreeDarko too.

  10. for mvp i got Derrick Rose but i cant knock Dwight Howard and wouldnt be mad if he won either but Rose is with a brand new team, and had Noah and Boozer injured during the year, and a brand new coach. They are at 60 wins, a bulls team tht was 44 wins last year. It’s def gonna be D Rose

  11. for mvp i got Derrick Rose but i cant knock Dwight Howard and wouldnt be mad if he won either but Rose is with a brand new team, and had Noah and Boozer injured during the year, and a brand new coach. They are at 60 wins, a bulls team tht was 44 wins last year. It’s def gonna be D Rose

  12. My NBA Award Winners:

    Rookie – Blake Griffin. 2nd and 3rd – John Wall, Landry Fields
    Defensive – Dwight Howard, 2nd and 3rd – Kevin Garnett, Andre Iguodala
    Sixth Man – Lamar Odom, 2nd and 3rd – Marcin Gortat, Jason Terry
    Most Improved – Kevin Love, 2nd and 3rd – Marcin Gortat, Russel Westbrook
    Coach of The Year – Tom Thibodeau, 2nd and 3rd – Gregg Popovich, George Karl
    MVP – Rose ! 2nd and 3rd – Lebron James, Kobe Bryant

  13. I have Howard as the MVP this year. Tas, you did about as good a job explaining why he deserves to win the award as anyone can possibly be expected to. If you’re a Rose supporter and listened to Tas explain about how defense is half the game and how Howard is far and away the best defensive player in addition to being a VERY good offensive player, and yet you still think Rose is the MVP, then nothing is ever going to change your mind in that regard. Your mind is already made up.

  14. and there is no way that LBJ deserves mvp, he is playing along with Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh. Yeah the rest of his team is crap but that because the Heat cant afford to pay anyone else. Lebron is a great player no doubt about it but with the other two “super friends” picking up slack, he doesnt deserve it.

  15. I’d like D Rose to lose the MVP to D Howard, that would give extra incentive to the Bulls team to blow the Magic in 5 or less in the second round, beat the other East contender in 7 at home and reach the NBA final. After that, it would all depends on who comes from the powerful West. Eventually a title has more value than a MVP- ask Lebron, Dirk or Nash.
    Go Bulls.

  16. Excuse me Tas, but Derrick Rose is not simply just the “best story”.

    He is the true definition of an MVP, and the game versus the Orlando Magic on Sunday is a clear demonstration of that.

    In my opinion, the MVP is someone who is so vital (valuable, important, etc) to their team that when you take them off that said team (hypothetically and/or literally) their team becomes noticeably less competitive/successful as it relates to their current positioning.

    I had always thought that Dwight fit that description, and I still think he does to a large extent, but when he did not play on Sunday, his team did not falter defensively as much as most of us would have expected. They were competitive with the Bulls right up to the last tenth of a second.

    Now if you watched that same game you would have noticed three things. Noah was nonexistent. Deng was mediocre at best. Boozer (Loozer as i like to call him) was sloppy as usual both on the defensive and offensive end with all the turnovers.

    The only consistent player, and perhaps the sole reason they won that game, is because of Derrick Rose. If you watched as much Bulls games as I have this season, you would see that this is a common occurrence and not an anomaly.

    But anyway, I could go on and on, but I don’t wanna write a novel on here.

  17. What do you think about maybe having two different “Defensive Player of the Year” awards? I think that the defensive style is so different when you look at a center or power forward when you compare it to a guard or a small forward… Of course a good center will always impact the defense more than a guard but in my opinion the defensive work a guard has to put in is much more… So how about a “Defensive Player of the Year” for Bigs (Center/Power Forward) and a “Defensive Player of the Year” for the guards and th small forwards?
    I’d have Dwight Howard for the first Award and then I would choose between Dwayne Wade or Ron Artest for the second (although this choice would be up for debate)
    Let me know what you think about this idea :)

  18. The Magic didn’t falter defensively Sunday? The Bulls shot 60% and got to the rim at will. I like the guys getting turnovers and showing some heart in the absence of their star player, but the defense was far from great.

  19. Rookie – Blake Griffin. 2nd and 3rd – John Wall, Landry Fields
    Defensive – Dwight Howard, 2nd and 3rd – Andre Iguodala, KG
    Sixth Man – Lamar Odom, 2nd and 3rd – Jason Terry, Glenn Davis
    Most Improved – Kevin Love, 2nd and 3rd – Russel Westbrook, Dorrel Wright
    Coach of The Year – Tom Thibodeau, 2nd and 3rd – George Karl, Lionel Hollins
    MVP – Rose 2nd and 3rd – Dwight Howard, Lebron James

  20. I’ll admit I’m totally biased on this one, but Monroe deserves to be there above Cousins and absolutely above Fields. I don’t see how you can reward Fields for fading late in the season and punish Monroe for improving — especially with how drastic that improvement has been. Even at face value, Monroe’s numbers are superior to Fields’. He’s already dropping 10 and 7 with more steals per game than Fields (which is pretty crazy), but since the all-star break, with his role as a starter locked in (which is important), Greg is dropping 14 and 10 on almost 60% shooting and he’s shooting 71% on free throws.

    I had the biggest man crush on Cousins when he came out, and I was pretty despondent that the Pistons couldn’t find a way to get him, but he’s been SO uneven this year. He’s definitely shown flashes, but his shooting efficiency is abysmal. I think he’ll put it together — he’s too talented not to — but he is NOT there yet.

    Oh, and Dwight Howard is absolutely a superstar offensively. He’s scoring 23 points per game on 13 shots and creating four extra possessions per game with his offensive rebounding. That’s volume and insane efficiency, and you don’t get that too often. Rose is a great offensive player, but I don’t know how you can say he deserves it more.

  21. man i get increasingly annoyed by the fact that EVERY SINGLE nba commentator who uses “advanced” stats for an argument (sometimes including, i’m afraid, the basketball jones) just has NO IDEA how to deal with statistics in a proper way (hello there, john hollinger). geez! stats don’t make arguments, they just SUPPORT them – use your brain first!
    take the “chicago has a worse defensive line up with rose on the floor” argument for example: in what situation does c.j. watson even get on the floor, with and against whom, for how long. skeets kinda got the hang of it when he questioned the logic of that better-defensive-lineup pseudo-stat but MAN could the media in general use some social science courses with emphasis on empirical data.
    don’t just take stats for facts – ask yourself where the data came from and how!

  22. Rose has more blocks than any other PG

    Rose has more blocks than Lebron

    That is defense my friends.

    Tas mentioned usage rate: Rose is one of the highest in the L (I believe only behind Kobe)

    Rose attributes to 43% of all the teams points by scoring or assists. Highest in the NBA.

    And for the stat nerds: He’s in top 10 PER.


  23. Rookie – Blake Griffin, John Wall, Fields
    Defensive – Dwight, KG, Andre Iguodala
    6th man – LO, Terry, Harden
    MIP – Love, Dorell Wright, Demar Derozan
    COY – Thibodeau, Doug Collins, George Karl
    MVP – Howard, Rose, Lebron

  24. Don’t sleep on Rose’s D


  25. ok i don’t know if i made my example clear enough: who do you think cj watson will guard when he gets on the floor? well chances are he plays when other second fiddle-guys play against him, which, due to the good defense that the bulls play as a team, results in even fewer points being scored against them, which makes it looks like he’s actually the better defender. i’m not saying he might not actually even BE the better defender, but you just can’t compare two lineups like this.

  26. How about Grant Hill for a DPOY nominee?

    I think Jerry Sloan should get the Coach of the Year.

  27. whoaaaah skeets, you think its difficult to be a top point guard in the league today? with the hand check rules? look at the point guards in the league right now, its freakin easy to be a decent point guard. the league is designed for little guys who can handle the rock.

  28. also, skeets, the t’s on dwight wouldn’t be an issue if ref’s didnt call shit so crappily all the time. who else in the league has had a 10 second free throw violation called against them this year? what other player with that gets fouled that many times has had… what, 0 flagrants called on players fouling him? dude takes a lot of crap

  29. 2 things:

    1) We all know this is a guard centered league, and they get all the attention and stardom. Playing as a Centre in the MVP you don’t get a lot of Love. You have to go back to ’94 to find another centre to win MVP (I dont really consider Timmy D a centre). It’s time for big men to get some love, and that would be a better story line then Rose winning it.

    2) In terms of stupid awards, Skeets I know u hate the Most Improved but I hate the Coach of the Year award. Every year someone gets coach of the year I feel its a death sentence for that coach. Mike Brown, Bryon Scott, Sam Mitchell…. the list goes on a on. A few years after winning the damn thing u get fired. This award should go to Pop, for sustained greatness at San Antonio.

    My 2 cents.


  30. 2 things:

    1) We all know this is a guard centered league, and they get all the attention and stardom. Playing as a Centre in the MVP you don’t get a lot of Love. You have to go back to ’94 to find another centre to win MVP (I dont really consider Timmy D a centre). It’s time for big men to get some love, and that would be a better story line then Rose winning it.

    2) In terms of stupid awards, Skeets I know u hate the Most Improved but I hate the Coach of the Year award. Every year someone gets coach of the year I feel its a death sentence for that coach. Mike Brown, Bryon Scott, Sam Mitchell…. the list goes on a on. A few years after winning the damn thing u get fired. This award should go to Pop, for sustained greatness at San Antonio.

    My 2 cents.


  31. MIP…Kris Humphries has been putting up BEASTTTTTLY numbers. The guy would start on damn-near any team in the league. An “unsung” hero. I find it difficult to give MIP to a guy that got a nod in the All Star game. I agree with Skeets in the sense that they are already being acknowledged for playing well. Why can’t we throw some love to a guy who grew up purifying himself in the waters of lake Minnetonka to tickling Kimmy K?

  32. Grant, that’s actually 4 cents.

  33. @J
    Your argument that James doesn’t deserve the MVP because he has Wade and Bosh is just pure ignorant. Should Magic not get the MVP because he had Kareem or Worthy? Or Larry because he played with the likes of McHale or Parish? Nonsense.

    I’m with Tas on this one. No one impacts the game both on offense as well as defense in such a way as Dwight. However, Orlando’s records is just not that good. So MVP goes to Rose.

  34. Okay, first; I see how Odom’s year has been great, but as you mentioned, he started 34 games. To me, that’s not a sixth man. My vote goes to Jamal Crawford, who is a better player than the starting PG on his team (Kirk), and is a bench player just to give the spark off the bench. His scoring spark is about the same as Odom at about 14 ppg. As a contrast for Odom’s 34 starts, Crawford has NONE. That’s what a sixth man is.

    For MVP they really have to give it to Rose. BUT, I think it is ridiculous how underrated LBJ are. Yeah, he is playing with Wade and Bosh, but his numbers are still crazy. Talking about doing it on both ends, I think LeBron does it better than both Rose and Howard. Funny that people are getting used to that LeBron plays this well, and as a cause of that, they take his numbers for granted…

    But now I have to stop, before I have to put “Chapter One” on top of this “comment”.

  35. D-Rose deserves MVP Award people without him the Bulls will be a 6,or 7th seed and he also carried the team on his shoulders when Noah and Boozer were out not saying that he has a bad team but the Bulls will be Bullshit with out Rose my friends…and as i may quote the poet tupac shakur ‘you aint shit with out your home boy’

  36. @ grant – you don’t consider shaq a center too?
    and yeah well some guys got fired after winning the CotY award, but guess what, almost anybody will get fired after doing anything, because coaches just don’t last long in general. so that’s not actually an argument ^^

  37. For the sixth man of the year award i have to give it to J.R Smith he coming off the bench night in night out and giving a spark for his team yeah he may not be the most fundamental player but you got to give him his props cause he comes off that bench and plays his role just as great as anyone else in the NBA J.R you got my Vote.

  38. Typical Rose v, Howard argument. Emotional support for Rose, who is top 10 scoring and assists, but not even tip 25 in any other category (with the worse shooting percentage since AI), versus an analytical rational reasoning of Howard’s game and importance to the team.

    Emotion wins because analysts get too tired of the bull shit.

  39. lebron mvp, blake rookie, derozan mip, dwight def. lebron is mvp because, aside from all the hooplaw surrounding him, any team in the league if given the choice, would have lebron on their team.

  40. Landry Fields Forever and Monrovia, case closed. DeMarcus is a joke. HA, Brooks is an asshole. MIP Dorell Wright all day he came out of nowhere boy. Skeets you’re a pussy. CoTY Byron Scott jk Thibs. MVP debate: weak. Ronald “50 Cent” Stuckey! Hollins called Villy a cancer patient.

  41. Derrick Rose has to be MVP. I mean he is the offense for the Bulls. Even though they win most of the games with defense, they’d be .500 again without a DRose running the offense, making clutch baskets and creating opportunities. That, plus the fact that he bought into Thibs system so well, and really created a team with a bunch of new pieces added during the offseason, makes him the leading candidate. Then add the fact they were an 8th seed last year that JUST sneaked into the playoffs, and now they are arguably the best team in the entire league. The Magic have failed to improve, and are arguably worse than last year. The MVP race is not just about numbers, or just the best player on the best team. You have to look at the entire picture. DRose hands down

  42. Here is why Doug Collins and George Karl can’t be COY in my book.
    Collins took the Sixers, a team with average talent and skill, and made them into an average team. Collins shouldn’t win just because he exceeded expectations. If you thought you were going to fail a math test, but instead got a 66, you shouldn’t be rewarding that.
    Karl is great coach and with the whole “Knuggets” storyline going on, some facts have been missed. First off, everyone likes to ignore the period before the Carmelo trade when the Nuggets were struggling, and Karl couldn’t control the team. Wouldn’t a COY be able to handle or at least salvage that kind of situation? Second, the media likes to overhype how well the Nuggets have been doing despite losing their best player, again ignoring details like Nuggets actually received several competent rotation players/starters who were all eager to prove their worth. Karl has definitely contributed to the team’s recent success, but he doesn’t deserve the reward.
    Pop or Thibs should be the winner.
    As for MVP, I’d prefer Howard to win it because he means so much more to the Magic than Rose does to Bulls, but Rose has put together an incredible season worthy of MVP victory.

  43. I found I agreed more with Tas here. Love basing awards on actual fact. Here are my picks:

    RotY: Blake Griffin – Duh. Nearly put Landry Fields, as he’s been a perfect role player on a playoff team, but that’s just being a contrarian. (Noms: Fields, Neal, Monroe)
    DPotY: Dwight Howard – Another no-brainer. Anchors a top 5 defensive team with no other good defenders (Noms: Chandler, T. Allen, Bogut)
    6th Man: Lamar Odom – He meets the requirement, and even when coming off the bench, his numbers destroy that of perceived #2 candidate Jason Terry, whose head most Mavs fans are calling for. (Noms: Roy (lol jk), Gortat, Hill, R, Anderson)
    MIP: Derrick Rose – I like this award. Trouble is, they always get it wrong. I’m not a huge Rose fan, but this is a no-brainer. After a mediocre first two years, he has become a star, taking the team on his back. (Noms: Aldridge, R. Anderson (love this guy!), Conley)
    CotY: Tom Thibodeau – Obvious. He’s the reason the Bulls became contenders. Thibs has been amazing this year. (Noms: McMillan, Karl, Popovich)
    MVP: Dwight Howard – A game changer on both ends, but especially defense. The Magic would be lucky to have half their wins without his D and offensive anchor. (Noms: LeBron, Gasol, Dirk)

  44. Lots of respect to Skeets for his Rose argument. And I agree with a couple of the posters/responders here that Rose is much more than the “best story.” Now, I’ve watched an inordinate amount of Bulls games, which does skew my perspective. BUT I’ve also withnessed DRose closing out games and coming up with the big play when the Bulls need him most. The leadership, how competitive he is, his underrated defense, and his stats (the dip in FG Pct is mostly due to him being the one his teammates look to the most to take the shot…the way Kobe and MJ had to step up with insecure teammates) make him the MVP.

    No Rose? Let’s take CJ Watson, Keith Bogans, and 60 games injured Noah and Boozer, along with Deng, and let them start for the season. The Bulls are making the playoffs, Tas? Really? Rose not only dramatically improves the team through his efforts and will; he makes others better.

    Props to Grant Hill for his defense this season, and I think it’s a shame that he may be forgotten when talking about defensive player of the year (his lone determination for a lackluster defense is noble similar to Andre Dawson being the only MVP on a last place Cubs team in the 80s).

    Coach of the Year? Karl. ROY? Griffin. MIP? Kevin Love. 6th Man? Jason Terry (the award should be named after him when he retires).

  45. Is there a place on the net where you can find out the names of people who have a vote for the MVP?

    There are about 122 of them.

    KIA last year gave the fans 1 vote.

  46. Great Job Tas!!! Great points.

    D. Howard is the MVP! Watching teams feed on going to the paint when he is on the bench and not playing is just amazing.

  47. im from chicago and i LOVE the bulls, but if you take D-Rose off the team, there is NO WAY they are a playoff team. They would still be the best defensive team but they could only score 70 points a night. Whose your options on offense? boozer? deng? noah? their offense only works because of rose. He attracts so much attention that these other guys who simply cannot create their own offense (with maybe the exception of boozer) are able to get easy open baskets.

    Tie game, final possession, who do you want to give the ball to, D-Rose or D-Howard? Howards free throws HAVE to be taken into consideration. He’s not very valuable when the game is on the line because he becomes a liability

  48. Josh you’re right that the MVP race is not just about numbers, it is supposed to be about the entire picture, but this decade the MVP seems to be a lot about numbers. Look at the entire picture then Dwight Howard is the MVP.

  49. Daric in a very weak eastern conference where the 6, 7, and 8 seeds are close to or all below the.500 win mark the bulls would easily be 6, 7 or, 8. With Rose they are a number 1/2 seed obviously, but the defensive system and the coaching that Thibs has done would have gotten them into the playoffs easily. Playoff success is a different story. If you take Dwight Howard away from the Magic they are a lottery team. Don’t get me wrong Rose is vital to the success of the Bulls but Most VALUABLE player is Howard.

  50. You guys are right….Rose is great offensively and not great defensively. Dwight is great defensively and not a star offensively.

    You know who is great at both of those things? LeBron James! You know who is THE BEST player in the league without question? LeBron James!

    It does not matter that LeBron has good teammates. This shouldn’t be “who is the good player with the worst teamates” award.

    I don’t always agree with Hollinger, but he made a great point on this (note all of this below was from his article last week):

    The question shouldn’t be “how good would the team be without him?” Instead, the MVP question: “who else in the league could you replace this guy with?” You could have Westbrook instead of Rose and have similar output. There are other guys like that. Who could you replace Dwight with? Who would you replace LeBron with?

    The best player in the NBA (and therefore the player with the MOST VALUE) is LeBron James.

  51. Sorry, Hollinger actually used that logic to choose Dwight.

    But, I say LeBron. Most value=best. No matter how much you like a Ford Taurus, it is not as valuable as a Lambroghini. The best player is the player with the most value.

  52. Tas wants to give MVP to a player that is a liability at the end of games.

  53. Seriously, would anyone actually be against having a player of the year award AND an MVP award? Player of year would be either Rose (for having a great storyline, and being one of the best players in the league) or LeBron (for being, you know, the best player in the league). MVP would be Dwight, since if you replaced him with an average center, the Magic would be awful.

    Also, it seems like people are underrating Howard’s offense a lot. People make him out to be a complete liability on offense, but a great defender, which isn’t true or fair. If it were true, he would be exactly like Kendrick Perkins. I love Perk, but he isn’t Howard.

  54. Bill simmons wrote this the other day, after reading it n watching rose completly control n destroy the celtics(as well as practically every other game, I don’t c how u give it to any1 else…
    And that’s where you would be wrong. The reason basketball isn’t baseball — and advanced metrics should be used to accentuate opinions we’re already leaning towards having, instead of forming and shaping those same opinions — is because basketball players directly affect their teammates and opponents at all times. If Howard is Orlando’s best player, and he’s holding something back every night how can you say that doesn’t affect the Magic? He’s their best guy! Your best guy leads! Your best guy sets the tone for everyone else! When Howard cruises through quarters, picks up dumb fouls, earns even dumber technicals and disappears in crunch-time (he doesn’t even rank in the top 125 for crunch-time field goal attempts this season), you don’t think that has anything to do with Orlando’s uneven season? Doesn’t it bother you that Serge Ibaka plays harder than Howard every night? Doesn’t it bother you that Celtics fans watch Orlando and think, “That team is soft … I hope we can play them in the playoffs?” Doesn’t it bother you that Howard still defers to Jameer Nelson down the stretch?

    Look, I’m a basketball fan — I want Dwight Howard to get there. I want to watch as many great players as possible. But he’s not there yet. I have NBA season tickets and didn’t care if I saw Dwight Howard in person this season. That’s your MVP? Please.

  55. LUOL DENG defensive player…Thibodeau agrees with me :)

  56. ROTY – Griffin, Wall, Fields, Neal
    DPOTY – Dwight, Garnett, Iguodala, Sefolosha
    6th man – Odom, Harden, Crawford, Hill
    MIP – Westbrook, Afflalo, Humphries, Aldridge
    COTY – Thibodeau, Karl, Popovich, Collins
    MVP – James, Rose, Howard, Bryant

  57. I don’t particularly like any of the 3 main candidates this year, and overall I feel that this year’s MVP crop is weak. Rose’s year statistically, at least, is a step below a 30-32 year old Iverson, and I hate the nearly 5 threes a game he shoot when he’s really at the bare minimum percentage to be shooting them.

    With Dwight I feel that there is a long list of things that keep him from being an MVP: his post game is still not top level, his attitude, foul shooting, not being his team’s go-to man in clutch, and the weak state of affairs that the center position is in today’s NBA. All the while none of his defensive stats are groundbreaking or even league leading.

    Honestly, by default I feel most comfortable sticking with LeBron for another year. He is the player that is the most difficult of the three to criticize. The biggest complaint is no post game, but at this point that its clear he is not going to be that type of player. Most agree that he is the most talented and for the “value” aspect I think that the Cavs made a decent argument for him this year.

    I really would have rather seen Durant or Kobe make a run for the award, but I can’t justify either of them. Durant’s game took a small step back and Kobe minutes were down and his shots per minute are the highest since his 35ppg season.

    BTW I also don’t think any of the 3 main guys will be winning the finals this year.

  58. They should call this award player of the year or something subjective like that. There is not a player more valuable than LeBron. If it is the player who is the “most valuable” then the best player should get it every year. If it’s really the most valuable, LeBron should have won the last two years, this year, and probably the next 5 years too.

  59. But that won’t happen, because this ends up being the most subjective BS award of all of them. Steve Nash? Twice? really? Shaq only once?

  60. The award is most improved player, not most developed. Guys like rose and westbrook have simply developed their games, they are young, of course they improve. The award should be for people in their 4th year or later, this is westbrook, rose and love’s third year, and of course they are doing a lot better. My MIP is Wright, bench warmer in miami to top 5 shooter in the league

    MVP: rose
    DPY: dwight
    ROY blake
    COY Mcmillan
    Ex of the year: whoever works for the bulls

  61. also, MVP has different definitions that have different winners, best story line (rose), most important to his team (Dwight), best player on the best team (Kobe), best player (Lebron), every MVP winner falls under one of these categories

  62. Grant Hill is the video’s *major* omission for DPOY. He’s been incredibly restrictive to the best perimeter players in the league. I’d certainly bet big money the league’s best scorer, Kevin Durant, would say Hill’s given him the most trouble this season.

    And Jason Terry would absolutely not start on 25 of the NBA’s other teams. Either he hits his jumpers or he’s a complete liability.

  63. Love’s scoring and rebounding improved on a per minute basis from last year to this year, not just on a per game basis. His 3P% went up to one of the best in the league and his overall TS% went from average to elite.

    Derrick Rose does score the 2nd most points in the clutch, but also he misses the most shots in the clutch. Yes, even more than Kobe. Based on FG% in the clutch (5 points, 5 minutes in 4th/OT), LeBron, Dirk and Monta Ellis are actually all stronger scorers at the end of games than those other guy, though Rose is a better passer. He’s also a pretty average defender. He’s definitely not the guy he was last year, but he’s not especially good for his position.

  64. Rose has had an outstanding year, but it’s the Bulls D that has made them so formidable. LeBron is mind-bogglingly talented, no question the best basketball player.

    But Skeets, you said that Rose should get it because he goes up against tougher competition at his position night-in and night-out. Well, I would take that the other way and say that is precisely what makes having Dwight so valuable. No other C in the league is even close. Having Dwight is a tremendous advantage EVERY SINGLE GAME. I can’t comprehend that alone not being deserving of most “valuable.”

    Win Shares:
    1) LeBron – 15.5
    2) Pau Gasol – 14.3
    3) Dwight – 14.2
    4) Chris Paul – 14.1
    5) Rose – 12.9

    Does anyone that has actually watched that Magic team play really think that Dwight is only responsible for 14 of their wins? Given that he should be a unanimous pick for DPOY? And given that Orlando’s most efficient way to create shots is by running the offense through Dwight? Orlando is 51-30. I would estimate that if they went the entire season without Dwight, the rest of those players would struggle to even get to 30 wins.

  65. LOL I love how Skeets is so angry at the MIP award! I pick LaMarcus Aldridge to make up for the All Star snub.

  66. And Nick L, I saw your argument for LeBron being the most irreplaceable player, but I disagree with you. Kevin Durant. Carmelo Anthony. Even Andre Iguodala and Paul Pierce. They are not nearly as good as LeBron, but the drop off from LeBron to those guys is much smaller than the drop off from Dwight to Andrew Bogut, Andrew Bynum, Marc Gasol, or Kendrick Perkins. Dwight is definitely more irreplaceable.

  67. I want to know where I can find Skeets’ shirt!

  68. The argument that the Bulls are a better team when Derrick isn’t on the floor is ridiculous.

    The Bulls bench players (Taj gibson, Ronny brewer, CJ Watson, Omer Asik, Kyle Korver) are almost always put on the court at the same time at the start at the 2nd and 4th quarter AGAINST THE OTHER TEAM’S BENCH PLAYERS. The Bulls are fortunate enough to have one of the best bench units in the league, who usually trounce their opponent’s bench unit when their best players/starters are sitting. When the other team’s best players get back on the floor, That’s when Thibs starts to filter his starters back in (Rose).

    This is where stats fool you, and why they should not be relied on in this context.

    Also, I think it really goes unsaid how Derrick has become one of the best closers in the game. When you look at Dwight (who is shooting less than 60% from the free throw line, a travesty in regards how much he gets to the line), and Lebron (Who more makes bad decisions when given the opportunity to perform in clutch situations) This is huge.

  69. Forget D-Rose and Dwight, the true mvp of the nba is Brian Scalabrine!

  70. Kentucky Ben,

    I’d agree. I think that Dwight is the most irreplaceable, and I’ll be fine if he gets the award. I just think that he and LeBron are sort of the only players who do things no other guy at the position can do. And, then I defer to LeBron since I do believe he’s currently the best basketball player in the world.

    Either of those two fit that criteria. I don’t believe Rose does.

  71. While I do think Rose should be in the discussion on the MVP as , i do not believe he should win the MVP. Instead it should be Dwight Howard. Here is my reasoning-
    1- One major knock on Dwight seems to be a lack of impact in clutch situations, but when he does touch the ball in these situations, while not often, he scores the ball at 71% (clutch defined by 4th quarter or overtime 5 minutes left where the score is within 5 points, according to 82games.com). On the other hand Rose, the “super” clutch player, finds his efficiency drop to 39.5%.
    2a. Dwight is often criticized as being weak offensively, and many people speak about how he can only dunk the ball. contrary to popular belief he is only dunking on 15% of his shot attempts, which is down from the 25% from last season. Yet even though he is dunking much less then he did in the years before, he is still maintaining a high efficiency on more attempts.
    2b. another offensive problem seen with Dwight is his foul shooting. Yet with a 59.6% free throw percentage he still maintains the same level of efficiency. he scores 1.2 points per percentage whether it is a shot from the floor or behind the line. This is above league average. Add and-ones and the magic can live with his sub par free throws.
    3. Dwight doesn’t impact the offensive end like Rose can. While this statement is true (a ball handling player will always have a larger impact, as I can see it) it is not as big a difference as one might think. As Tas pointed out, on almost every possession for the Magic, Dwight is the beginning and, often, the end. He will normally either establish his post position, where, hopefully he will be given the ball, and score or attract a few extra defenders which will allow his teammates easier shots. The second way is by setting screens. Dwight is the best p&r big man in the league, and so by setting screens he helps either his teammates score or he scores. (nbaplaybook.com) obviously there is a problem that a lot of this depends upon his teammates who can ignore him at times something Rose’s teammates can’t do since he is handling the ball.
    4. techs. Yes this is a major problem with Dwight’s game. He needs to stop complaining so much. I find it funny how he is portrayed because of this though. While he is portrayed as immature and a complainer, Kobe, who is second in the league with 16, is portrayed as a fierce competitor. But how much do the techs actually hurt his team? were the 18 points scored because of them enough to make a major impact on the outcome of the game? And yes he had to sit out 2 games, but were those 2 games all that important? would wins in those games actually mean all that much in the long run? With 2 more wins the magic would be at 54 wins, still behind the Celtics, still in fourth place.
    5. Many of the reasons for Rose and against Howard seem to be subjective rather then objective, Rose possesses the killer instinct, he is a better leader, etc. While these are all fine and dandy, because these are subjective terms rather than objective you can’t really argue for or against them. How can you prove that Dwight doesn’t possess these same qualities? Because he doesn’t bark at other players like KG? Because instead he smiles and trys to enjoy playing? (gasp, how could he). The truth is you can’t. there is no proof besides your own inner feelings.
    6. Simmons knocked Dwight as being able to improve his game. And this is true, Dwight is not perfect. But if someone is really pushing this idea, does that mean Rose is? That Rose is not going to improve his game?
    Obviously Rose is having a historic season on a spectacular team, But Dwight is having a historic season too on a (not so) spectacular team. And I do believe Rose should be awarded for being the best player on the best team. While I am a magic fan, I hope my bias does not overly affect my reasoning. I would be interested in anybodies counter arguments.
    MVP- Dwight, Lebron, Rose, Durant
    DPOY- Dwight, Iguadola, Tony Allen, Lebron
    COTY- McMillan (thought he should have won last year, what he has done with injuries again is amazing), Tie Thibodeau and Karl
    ROTY- Griffin, Wall, don’t care
    MIP & 6 man- don’t really care

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