This is the sort of thing that could happen to any other player in the league, but is exactly 100 times funnier because it happened to Andray Blatche. From the AP:

It was bound to happen: The Wizards played the trumpet sound that urges the fans to yell “Charge!”—and, right on cue, Blatche plowed into a Celtics player and was called for a charge.

Never let it be said that Andray Blatche doesn’t care about the fans. Never.

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  1. Somebody find this video. Where’s jose3030?

  2. I’m just glad my fellow Wizards fans didn’t chant “sign a huge contract, then get arrested for trying to pick up a hooker!” or “quit giving a fuck about your knee!” He really got in trouble the last time those were chanted.

  3. JaVale And Blatche sure are fun to watch… just your average smartass/bonehead moves all over the place :) Kinda feel good seing them to dumb stuff and not be all zen-like uberstars

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