Whoa, Charlie Villanueva. Easy, man.

No need to be punching other dudes in the junk, even if they are sarcastically smiling about the whole skirmish. Definitely no need to sprint after him for more fighting. And super definitely no need to try to get in the Cavaliers’ locker room for even more fighting. And super 100 percent definitely don’t threaten to kill a fellow player. You’re just racking up a whole list of things not to do. Just chill.

On the bright side, this is the hardest Charlie Villanueva has tried to do anything this season.

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  1. So playing for lottery picks is far more intense than playing for playoff spots?

    Good thing Villanueva is no Big Ben, and Stuckey and the dude in the suit managed to keep him away from the Cavs becnh otherwise…… well we know what happened last time a Detroit Piston got very upset.

  2. That wasn’t really the junk.

    He still has a lot of anger inside him after Garnett calling him a cancer victim.

  3. This is the most uncomfortable a Cavalier’s smile has made me feel since Anderson Varejao.

  4. When I look at it again, Hollins was smiling when Villanueva charged again, but it was a very very nervous “Don’t let him thru” smile.

  5. CV was probably pissed that Hollins is wasting the gift of hair by growing that ugly tufty beard thing. Trim that sh*t up, scrub.

  6. Ok as stupid as CV was for doing this i kind’ve feel for the guy. Players probably always talk shit about his condition and try to punk him because of his reputation of being soft. So he feels like he has to act big and get in people’s faces so they stop. BUT y doesn’t he just put this much energy into the way he plays so we’d actually win games.

    Haha it was also funny how nervous Hollins looked when CV was charging at him

  7. Just as well Charlie’s a great player or he’d never be allowed to pull this kind of act.

  8. “…Charlie’s a great player…”


  9. Yeah, KG’s an asshole…….give me a fucking break.

  10. You blogging fucks! I’ma find your locker room and fuck you up.

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