Orlando Magic 95, Philadelphia 76ers 85
Easy win for the Magic, so much so that I can’t believe it was only a 10-point win. Must have been the 16 Orlando turnovers that kept things kinda close.

Charlotte Bobcats 105, New Jersey Nets 103
By far the most exciting game ever that featured big shots from D.J. Augustin and Sasha Vujacic. No doubt about it.

Miami Heat 98, Atlanta Hawks 90
The Heat are officially your second seed in the Eastern Conference. I’m guessing the celebratory parade and fireworks extravaganza is scheduled for Friday night.

Washington Wizards 95, Boston Celtics 94 OT
Melas mentioned it last night, but it sure feels like the Wizards would be a very good NBA team if all the other teams only played their end of the bench guys. But really, I’m happier about this Washington win than I’ve ever been, if only because it means the top three seeds in the East are set.

Cleveland Cavaliers 110, Detroit Pistons 101
The Cavs got their 18th win of the season, putting them one ahead of the Timberwolves for least in the NBA. Of course, Minnesota’s beaten the Cavs twice this year, proving that Cleveland can’t even be the not-worst team right.

Utah Jazz 90, New Orleans Hornets 78
With the loss, the Hornets fell to eighth in the Western Conference, meaning they’d be facing the Spurs if the season ended today. Cool.

Milwaukee Bucks 93, Toronto Raptors 86
Possibly the last home game in Michael Redd’s Milwaukee Bucks career. Are people sad about this? Honest question because it kinda feels like he played his last home game three years ago.

Dallas Mavericks 98, Houston Rockets 91 OT
And now the Mavericks are second in the West. This race is coming down to the season’s last day, I’d guess. I’d prefer the Lakers end up there, but that’s just because I want to see Tony Allen on Kobe.

Denver Nuggets 134, Golden State Warriors 111
10 of 11 Nuggets who played scored in double figures. Tough break, Melvin Ely, but that’s why you’re you.

Phoenix Suns 135, Minnesota Timberwolves 127 OT
33 points on 9-14 from three for Channing Frye, who seems like just the kind of player to put up huge numbers in games that don’t matter. Not a knock, just saying that a really tall three-point specialist is the perfect player to be when defenses don’t care quite as much.

Oklahoma City Thunder 120, Sacramento Kings 112