Blocking a shot, running the court and whipping a behind-the-back pass for an assist.

Or, having a dunk blocked by a player who is much shorter and far less athletic, then falling to the ground.

Or, Words with Friends.

Considering McGee has 38 total assists on the season — good for a 1 to 3.7 assist-to-turnover ratio — I think we can probably rule out Chris Webber-y assisting as his predominant trait. And, since he finished second in the Dunk Contest and usually leaves the dunk missing to himself, it’s fair to also rule out getting blocked by short, stout guys. Due to the process of elimination, that leaves Words With Friends and no one can argue with that iterative algorithm.

Now all we need to do to prove this theory is have him face Adonal Foyle. Winner gets a high-five from Pakorn Nemitrmansuk.

(vids via Bullets Forever/Jose3030, photo via Capital Games)

Comments (3)

  1. Hell, I’m 5’8 and I would be embarassed if I got blocked by Big Baby.

  2. Massive, massive talent. The best athlete in the NBA, possibly ever. I hope he gets his game-head straight. Long way to go in that department, though. Loooong way.

  3. Javale McGee is a disaster of a basketball player. Rubin “Hurricane” Carter had that nickname because he was a force. Javale “Ozone Depletion” McGee is just a disaster with a long reach.

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