On today’s final regular season episode of “The Fix,” Skeets and Tas try to make sense of one the weirdest NBA nights to date. Topics include: Derrick Rose’s insane dunks, the Knicks’ three-ball, the Grizzlies “throwin’ a game” to, um, try and land the No. 8 spot, Andrew Bynum’s hyper-extended knee, Steve Blake’s chickenpox, and a detailed breakdown of how the West will be won. All that, plus your latest batch of NBA doodles, iPhone bumps, and some Italian. Playoff previews start tomorrow. Huzzah!

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Comments (15)

  1. Come on Tas, don’t be giving out medical advice stick to the basketball. Skeetz is right you want your kids to get chickenpox as a child because it is relatively mild compared to Shingles. If you haven’t got it, get the vaccine.

  2. I’m not sure you can say any Andrew Bynum injury is a fluke. Guy would twist his knee making a sandwich.

  3. I don’t claim to be an expert, but shingles is actually a recurrence of the chickenpox virus in adults who had chickenpox as children, or were at least exposed to the virus. Steve Blake probably has straight chickenpox, which is a lot more dangerous in adults than shingles normally is.

  4. Tune in tomorrow for The Chickenpox Jones.

  5. Wankers of the week. All the coaches who sat their starters before the playoffs causing fans with tickets to be robbed of the experience of watching their teams play. Face it, even you guys refused those free Raptors tickets for the same reason. Kudos to the Bulls for playing their starters. Blazers as well. Shout out to new Blazer pickup Baron for making his first shot for the team on his first attempt causing him to now have the highest shooting percentage on the team at 1000 percent.

  6. sorry if you guys mentioned this and i just missed it but will there still be an O.D. this week?

  7. Skeets is a Survivor fan! Now I’m marginally less ashamed of myself.

  8. @illmatic – there is still an OD this week. No more the rest of the postseason.

  9. A coooooool customer.

  10. I seriously have watched this show since….. late 2009, and I’ve never been compelled to comment on anything until this Tas/Skeets Pau conversation. I’m seriously reeling.

  11. Tas looks like Billy Mays in that Crossfire doodle.

    Even as a Lakers hater, I feel horrible for Bynum whenever he goes down. That poor bastard.

    Things are going to be weird when the Knicks and Celtics play tonight.

  12. Hah, my doodle made it :D Thanx Tas!

    Hey mr Osten, don’t forget me… You know what I’m talking about ;)

  13. Nice pronounciation of my name, Tas :)

  14. I’m calling it. Wanker of the year = the Maloofs for moving the Kings

  15. All the western conference playoffs matchups seemed set 20 minutes ago, so THE JONES! started working on the previews, 20 minutes later the matchups still might end up what they were but the Kings and the Grizzlies decided to make huge comebacks but just fall short just to screw with the Jones playoff previews lol True story!
    Well not really

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