Skeets and Tas give you the crib notes you need for every first-round series of the 2011 NBA Playoffs.

Up first, the top seeded Chicago Bulls vs. the “happy-to-be-here” Indiana Pacers.

We give you our picks, so let’s hear yours below.

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  1. Can you guys do one of these previews while you empty the dishwasher? Those were the best.

  2. Aww looks like there won’t be any diaper changing this time.

  3. A sweep of Pacers by the bulls.

  4. Nah I think the pacers are going to grab one at home

  5. I have the Bulls in 5 in my preview on my blog, if only because I think the Pacers might win the “you won’t sweep us on our home court” 4th game.

    But that’s me being too kind, I think a sweep is very likely.

  6. Bulls in 5 or 6. I think people are gonna be surprised by the Pacers. These games will be closer than people think.

  7. I think this is the most professional TBJ has ever looked. I dig it.

  8. Why so serious, fellas?

    Paraphrasing Norm MacDonald: “Not The-Basketnall-Jones-y enough”

    Great analisys, though.

  9. The Pacers have beat the best teams in the league including a win over Chicago just a month ago. They will get blown out some games, but don’t be surprised if they win at least a couple of games. Don’t let their record fool you, they have been alot better since Frank Vogel took over and would have had a much better record if they got rid of Jim O’Brien at the beginning of the season.

  10. I understand having it in the studio…would never expect you guys to shy away from success. maybe, though, we can have some of the classic playoff shorts (the guide to the playoffs, the chugging beers in the first half and skeets screaming from the shower “no he’s not tas! you know he’s not!). That stuff was great, and very basketball jonesy.

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