Skeets and Tas give you the crib notes you need for every first-round series of the 2011 NBA Playoffs.

Presenting, the Orlando Magic vs. the Atlanta Hawks.

You’ve heard their picks, now let’s hear yours.

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  1. I think it’s worth noting that in the Magic’s first loss to the Hawks this season they were without Jameer Nelson and had Chris Duhon, who is barely an NBA worth PG, starting. Also, the 2nd loss this year to the Hawks was the first game after the trades. Should be a great series, but the regular season series isn’t nearly as lopsided as the 3-1 seems. I’m definetly not expecting a sweep by 100+ total points this year. Magic in 5 or 6 sounds about right.

  2. It won’t be that easy this time around for the Magic. Magic in 4, by only 20 points.

  3. This is the only playoff match up from either conference I’m not interested in.

  4. This was my favorite: KA-KAWW!

  5. Skeets I’m glad you stuck to that. It seemed like you were going to back off from it, which would have caused a commenting shitstorm.

  6. As an Atlanta fan, I am happy that you stayed with us, Skeets. However I must admit that I’m worried about the coaching match up as SVG will likely adjust circles around Larry Drew. Supposedly the last time the teams played Josh Smith had to beg him to reinsert Jason Collins late in the game as the large lead was dwindling and Dwight was getting hot against our small (normal) lineup.

    The Magic should be favored and picked by almost everyone, but whichever team loses this series will have a long off-season of shame and threat of shakeups for what will be seen as a disappointing season.

  7. You guys look to much ESPN-like here. Still much cooler, though!

  8. bravo for sticking to your guns skeets…however wrong you’ll be.

  9. Any chance we could get these in a downloadable form for those of us for whom the Vimeo player doesn’t work?

  10. @drewski – go to

    click on each video, and theres a download link (you will need to create an account/log in for the download link to appear though).

  11. @drewski– If you subscribe to the TBJ video feed on iTunes all our videos will be automatically downloaded for you.

  12. This will be like the Heat and Hawks playoff match a few years ago. Every game will be a blow out but with another team winning. Magic in 6.

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