I’m really at a loss for words, but two grown men crying during a television broadcast really says it all. This sucks.

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  1. I almost started crying myself when I saw this, too. And I’m from Chicago! I have no physical investment in the team, yet a lot of my early memories from when I first started watching games on the reg involve the Kings. Guys like C-Webb and White Chocolate just seemed so cool.

    Also, I uh, decided to post this on my own blog (*cough* ballershots.tumblr.com *cough*) earlier this morning. The worst thing about the Kings moving is the fact that they’re going to fucking ANAHEIM. SoCal doesn’t need more basketball! Yet they leave Seattle, Vancouver and Las Vegas lay bare.

  2. Teams moving is the worst. Who is going to root for this team in Anaheim?

  3. @Nick L. – Seth Cohen?

  4. the maloof’s didn’t even show up for the last game. classy move…

  5. I definitely got choked up myself. And like Baller Shots…I’m not even a Kings fan. Good luck Sac-town. Hope you keep your team.

  6. I never really liked the Kings, to be honest. But, as my friend – who lived in Davis, near Sacramento, for a year – would tell you, the people over there just love their team.

    And you have to respect a team that has such a connection with their fanbase. Even as a “hater” back in the Webber/Divac/Bibby/Christie days, I deeply respected and somewhat envied the fan support the Kings got.

    I hated to see the Sonics go, even if they’re having obvious success in OKC, and I would be very sad to see another strong fan base lose its team.

  7. @Nick L. the same people that support the angels and the ducks, i’m sure they said the same things about OKC.

  8. It’s always sad when a team thathas been around for a while leaves. Especially when they move to the same state. Vancouver needs the team way more than SoCal has three teams now…and more in NorCal. Kind of ridiculous.

  9. @illmatic

    Nobody said that about OKC because:
    -Oklahoma didn’t have a franchise
    -Oklahomans were known to be crazy about college hoops

    I was actually shocked by answers on an espn poll today:
    most people would want the Kings to move to Seattle (which doesn’t make sense to me: where are you gonna relocate the next franchise? Sacramento? There are reasons the NBA left Seattle)
    2nd most voted for them to stay in Sac-Town
    I voted (like apparently everyone in the midwest) for Kansas City/Omaha..
    I’ve always been a big fan of “stay where you’re at”, so going back pleases me. But moving to Rochester, NY, would have the same problem as moving to anaheim, and they apparently can’t stay in Sactown… So there.

  10. btw, I’m all for a team in Vancouver or Seattle, but they should get back their original or form a new one…

    The only teams I’d gladly have moving (besides “moving-backs”) are the Bobcats (rename them Sonics if you want to) and Clippers (‘cuz of the curse).

    Oh, and yeah, the Raptors need to change their name… This Jurassic Park reference has lived long enough.

  11. Jerry and Grant = the best.

    Here We Stay!

  12. Video:


    Even if your not a Kings fan, I don’t know how you can watch that and not tear up.

    Keep OUR Kings. No more relocations.

  13. Baller Shots!

    Thank you for the Vancouver shout out! Its BS how every time a team moves Vancouver gets shafted! And there is going to be another team in California, because we all know how the state of California is deprived of it’s basketball.

  14. The guys gave a went off the air with a song:


    I don’t know how you can not choke in such a moment. Sad, sad, sad story. I hope C Webb pulls something out of his sleave…

  15. And Peja going back to Sacramento for the final game even though his current team is in the playoff chase is one of the most admirable and sportsman-like moves I’ve seen in sports for a long time.

  16. I could only imagine what it would feel like if the Raptors were in the same situation… This clip makes me very emotional too… I really hope Sacramento can keep the Kings!


  17. Of course it’s a damn shame but a consequence of private ownership and, just as one can’t choose their family, one also can’t pick their owners. I have a great deal of sympathy for the fans in any city losing their team and basketballing lifeblood. I hope Webber and his cohorts get their hands on the Kings and keep them there, but no more than I’d wish for a return to Seattle for the NBA.

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