In this very special edition of TBJ Crossfire, Skeets and Tas argue over first-round upsets, breakout players and which team is hurting most going into the postseason.

Predict winning playoff teams along with The Basketball Jones for you chance at $10,000 in cash and prizes. In fact, beat Skeets and Tas, and you could one of 15 FujiFilm Digital cameras. Good luck!

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Comments (6)

  1. I’d pay $20 for a good Harvey’s burger right now…

  2. …and Tas is right about JJ Reddick.

  3. Maybe I’ve missed it somewhere but who was wanker of the year?

  4. “Jason Collins can take Dwight one on one” – Really?!

    I think that’s the biggest insult to an NBA player since Sam Bowie was drafted above MJ…

  5. Holmes-

    TBJ thinks that because Collins plays 10 minutes with Howard and does an okay job, that he is the answer to Howard….not realizing if he played an entire game and entire series with Dwight he would get into so much foul trouble that he would be worthless. Dwight will eat him up if the Hawks even put Collins on the court.

  6. the hawks just beat the magic in game one, in which j j redick sucked btw, thanks to their “one on one against dwight strategy” and thad yound had an awesome game against the heat – so far: not bad skeetles!

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