Skeets and Tas give you the crib notes you need for every first-round series of the 2011 NBA Playoffs.

Up next, the Dallas Mavericks vs. the Portland Trail Blazers.

Let’s hear your picks below. It’s only fair.

Bulls vs. Pacers | Celtics vs. Knicks | Magic vs. Hawks | Heat vs. 76ers

Spurs vs. Grizzlies | Thunder vs. Nuggets

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  1. Hardest series to predict. I think Blazers take this in 6.

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  3. “Beaubois” (well “beau bois”) actually means “good looking wood”… Which is pretty much the best kind of name you can get…. Amirite?

  4. Skeets hit the nail on the head as to why Carlisle will not be starting in this series. He is too small and is not that good of a defender (although their defensive ratings are similar) to hang with the guards of the Blazers. Stevenson is larger and more physical than Roddy is and that is why he will be out there. If you remember the last Mavs Lakers game, Roddy started the game and was tasked with defending Kobe. That did not end well and Carlisle knows that putting Beaubois against Wes Matthews or Andre Miller will field similar results. (Or at least I hope he knows that.) However, keeping Roddy as a bench option to play against Roy and his knees, for example, or Fernandez seems to be a better option for now at least. If it wasn’t for the inconsistencies that Beaubois has shown over the past month he would likely get the starting nod. His offensive numbers per 36 minutes are down across the board this year and in the last 13 games of the season he averaged only 6.7 points on just under 35% shooting in about 16 minutes. Slasher or not, this is not what the Mavs need in their starting rotation.

    The Beef has our own thoughts on the series

  5. Has anyone mentioned how Portland have lost their last 5 straight first round appearances?
    And how a slower pace assists Dirk.
    Oh and the fact that the Mavericks have more of a hint of interior defence this year with Chandler compared to previous years?

  6. Totes agree with the predictions–Blazers in 6. Also digging these playoff previews, but I miss the unscripted previews of yesteryear. Feels too rigid and a tad uninteresting…dat ain’t TBJ

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