Skeets and Tas give you the crib notes you need for every first-round series of the 2011 NBA Playoffs.

Up next, the Oklahoma City Thunder vs. the Denver Nuggets.

Your picks, as always, are appreciated down below.

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  1. I believe Thunder will win in 5. The game are going to be close but KD will be dagger in Nugget’s … veins?

  2. The difference in this Nuggets team this time is an IF. If Healthy. IF Denver’s new bigs can play, and play together, they have a chance. While Nene and Perkins are ‘heading’, bird can back up to protect the rim from Westbrook and Durrant… or send in Mosgov and Kufus to bang around with Perkins; Perkins isn’t a scoring threat anyhow. The major hope is Afflello on Westbrook. IF all the Nuggets remain healthy, don’t be suprised with a suprise.

  3. Ha, the graphic said “tit”.

  4. Hey, I don’t think I’ve heard enough yet about how great this series should be. (I don’t really read all those damn bloggers who fill up my timeline.) I think Denver can be very, very good and dangerous to the Thunder. Should be a lot of fun. I’m not sure who I would take, but I think the first game will be a good indication. If Denver uses a balanced attack to it’s benefit, rather than looking like a team in need of a leader on offense, I’d take them in 6.

  5. i agree that durant and westbrook are the two best players in the series, duh, but you forgot to mention that denver was missing four players in the last two games between these teams. every one is suiting up for the playoffs (well, maybe not mozgov, but oh well), and on a team like denver that makes a huuuge difference – they often have five or six guys scoring in double figures (the other night they had nine). also, denver seems to really annoy russell westbrook. annoyed westbrook = stupid westbrook = bad decisions = home wins for denver.
    i really love it when he gets angry and forces the issue. i looooove it! keep the ball out of durant’s hands all you want, buddy!

    ahem. anyway, i hope the nuggs win. do i think they will? uhghm, well……

  6. Love how the Nuggets have been playing, but I think Tas is right on, this is a tough match-up for them. OKC can answer everything Denver’s offense does well, and I don’t think Denver’s defense is particularly well-equipped to handle either Durant or Westbrook. Feels like Thunder in 5.

  7. Sonics in 6. Ray Allen will light it up, and ‘Melo will choke. That Durant kid might have a big series.

  8. ^

    Who are the sonics??

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