It was a rough year for the Wizards. They lost 25 straight road games. They traded away their one-time face of the franchise. They saw their top draft pick and presumed savior, John Wall, miss 13 games with a bunch of different injuries. They had Mike Bibby on their team for two games. To cap it off, the Wizards lost to the Cavaliers on Wednesday night, making them one of just four teams to lose multiple games to the Eastern Conference’s worst team.

Of course, after the loss, they didn’t care about that. They just wanted to have some laughs about Kevin Seraphin getting nailed in the face with a pass he wasn’t expecting. From the Washington Post:

JaVale McGee pulled out his iPad2, tapped the screen, leaned back in front of his locker room stall and started laughing.

“Kevin,” McGee said, calling over rookie Kevin Seraphin, who made the blooper reel during the Wizards’ 100-93 season finale loss in Cleveland. Late in the first period, Jordan Crawford spotted Seraphin cutting to the basket and made a beautiful no-look pass. Problem was, Seraphin wasn’t looking either and the ball popped him in the face before going out of bounds.

Crawford looked at the screen and asked, “That’s already on the Internet?”

“Yeah,” McGee said with a laugh, as he showed the replay to Seraphin.

Seraphin stared blankly at the screen and quietly walked away as McGee continued to laugh.

I am sure this is what Flip Saunders had in mind when he decided he was going to get his entire team iPads loaded with his notoriously thick playbook. Sure, it’s a great educational device with a myriad of training applications, but it’s best used for shaming other people. That’s pretty much what Steve Jobs was thinking when he decided to make this thing. In fact, Mac Rumors is speculating that the new tagline for the in-development iPad3 will be “Embarrassing your teammates — there’s an app for that.”

But really, this is a fairly JaVale McGee thing to do. Immediately after the end of a frustrating season, he goes and pulls up video of a rookie teammate not catching a pass that was thrown way too hard in the first place, then shows it to him so he can laugh at him. Clearly, McGee should run a Canadian basketball blog.

Of course, it’d be easy for Kevin Seraphin to get his revenge. All he’d have to do is fire up his own iPad, pull up this video and have his own laughs. Sounds pretty fun actually.

(via Unsilent)