Durrrrrrr, passing. Gonna pass the ball. Here ya go. Here’s a pass. Catch it.

Oh, wow. Uhhh … Derek, who is that guy? Is that basketball?

I don’t know, Kob. Doesn’t look like basketball. Looks like some guy just wandered in to a 7-11 looking for the new flavor of Mountain Dew. Never seen him before. Lamar?

I don’t know, man. Been busy with this show, so I might have missed something in the scouting report. Doesn’t look familiar though. He’s definitely never been on E!, I can tell you that for sure. Drew, you seen this guy?

I’ve been playing for like three games, guys. How am I supposed to know who this is? I thought he was one of Steve’s friends and didn’t want to get too close because of the chickenpox. Should I guard him? Really don’t want to catch chickenpox. Hef won’t let me in if I’m covered in spots. Gonna just chill.

Durrrrrr, layup. Makin’ a layup over here. Check me out. Layin’ it up.