Durrrrrrr, passing. Gonna pass the ball. Here ya go. Here’s a pass. Catch it.

Oh, wow. Uhhh … Derek, who is that guy? Is that basketball?

I don’t know, Kob. Doesn’t look like basketball. Looks like some guy just wandered in to a 7-11 looking for the new flavor of Mountain Dew. Never seen him before. Lamar?

I don’t know, man. Been busy with this show, so I might have missed something in the scouting report. Doesn’t look familiar though. He’s definitely never been on E!, I can tell you that for sure. Drew, you seen this guy?

I’ve been playing for like three games, guys. How am I supposed to know who this is? I thought he was one of Steve’s friends and didn’t want to get too close because of the chickenpox. Should I guard him? Really don’t want to catch chickenpox. Hef won’t let me in if I’m covered in spots. Gonna just chill.

Durrrrrr, layup. Makin’ a layup over here. Check me out. Layin’ it up.


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  1. haha, awesome.

    On a minor sidenote: *Derek

  2. That. Was. Awesome.

  3. lmao. Nice one.

  4. Is Aaron Grey the new Bron Jockman?

  5. Dude looks like a hockey player. I’m pretty sure PJackson didn’t know who the hell Gray was as well.

    Great one Trey. Loved it.

  6. He had 10 and 10 in a game this year. It was like Christmas in Disneyland, while riding a unicorn made of solid gold.

    On an actual AG note – he’s the tallest motherfucker I’ve seen in real life. It’s extra creepy being 6’1″ and staring at a dude’s chest when he walks by.

  7. this note has to be kept in mind when you see that aaron gray grabbed ONE rebound against the lakers.

    he played 20 minutes.

  8. Will he play on Game 2? He cried like a kid when he sprained that ankle. I don’t know if I’m gonna laugh or feel sorry. Mixed emotions you guys

  9. it wasn’t like a baby crying – more like a chewbacka growl

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