“I want to thank my teammates for allowing their men to get to the basket again, forcing me to block shots and pick up fouls, and sometimes technical fouls.”Dwight Howard, on becoming the first player to win three straight Defensive Player of the Year awards

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  1. Lol, did he really say that?

    Dwight being Dwight I guess.

    GOod for him.

  2. Allan: Doubt he really said that. Although, he’d be a liar if he said anything else.

  3. I was also wondering if this was for real or not as Trey always does the “…, probably” thing when it’s a joke.

  4. This one was all Dwight.

  5. Truly Dwight’s teammates are the best. Always looking out for him.

  6. Man, that’s a wild kick in the groin from Howard… Will it wake the Magic players up or turn them against him?

  7. Can’t believe Howard actually said that. I mean it’s true, and it kind of needed to be said, but just didn’t see that coming from him.

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