On today’s LONGEST SHOW EVER, Skeets and Tas hit you with their first of many NBA Playoff winners and losers. Hot: the Memphis Grizzlies (for numerous reasons, including a new baby), MOTHERFUCKING CHRIS PAUL, ol’ man Kidd, and, well, any NBA fan on the planet. (What a freakin’ weekend!) Not: Heat “fans,” the Nuggets last couple of minutes, ‘Melo and Monty McCutchen, MIA Pau Gasol, and anyone on the Orlando Magic’s roster NOT named Dwight or Jameer. Enjoy, comment away, and embrace the day.

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Comments (32)

  1. MOTHERFUCKING CHRIS PAUL! is exactly what i was thinking and saying all day long yesterday, man he picked a perfect time to start being chris paul again.

  2. Tas/Skeets – Hollinger said this morning on Twitter that the NBA league office confirmed that the offensive interference play in the Nuggets/Thunder game was not a reviewable play. Not sure why (and it was still a badly blown call, as it was obvious as it happened that it was goaltending), but at least the refs didn’t screw up that part.

  3. Come on guys…”the Shane Battier three”….Between the Battier three, the Grizz win, and the story about his baby….I was amped to hear you guys say “Battier” several times…..when did you start saying it like Americans????


  5. aw melas, the lakeshow can’t afford to have kobe guard chris paul for long stretches in the first round of the playoffs. you go down that road and you’re gonna burn the man out, he’s not a kid anymore.

  6. You guys said it, but that no call on the interference really set the Nuggets off….they seemed out of sorts after that. You can’t get so rattled there.

  7. I love the podcast. Just wanted to post and say I appreciate the effort and hard work you guys put in every weekday.

  8. And we appreciate anyone that takes the time to watch, listen and/or comment. Cheers.

  9. Skeets is right – Hinrich was great on Jameer. Picking him up full court and really disrupting the Magic offense.

    Alright, I’ll stop my commenting. 3 is probably good. I’m not saying a word about the Cs.

  10. when cp3 froze pau, i died laughing
    officiating was clearly messed up all weekend – doesn’t help that I just finished Tim Donaghy book. woudn’t david stern tell the refs that it would be good for the NBA to have the knicks win and celtics lose?!?!
    chandler was missed in the 4th quarter, big time

  11. Hey guys – love the podcasts and your website!

    I must make one comment, however. I was at the Celtics game last night and there was no point during the game that the crowd was in “pre-season” mode, the arena was insane and chanting/cheering the entire time. Boston takes pride in always supporting their team…unlike that team down in Florida…..

    That’s all – thank so much for being a site I look forward to visiting everyday!


  12. Skeets is getting a stylist?!?!?

  13. haha fackers suck

  14. Winner of the weekend: THE FANS!

  15. Am I retarded? Where is the livestream?

  16. Here’s the data for Jameer Nelson vs. Kirk Hinrich. Hinrich was definitely making an impact on Nelson’s game.



    Great show guys.

  17. This Livestream thingy is sweet. Now we get more basketball talk for the Playoffs. Yes!!!!

    Thank you whoever came up with this idea.

  18. CP3: Welcome back from the dead. I love how a dude who is around 5’10” dominates a game playing against a bunch of lanky monsters. Lakers will probably win the next 4, but here’s hoping for a good series.

    Spurs will win the next 2, lose 1, then win the next 2. I love how the Griz play though. They’ll have to win in 6 to take it.

    Mavs showed me something. That series is going 7 for sure. Love Portland.

  19. [...] Posted by Trey Kerby under 2011 NBA Playoffs, Denver Nuggets, OKC Thunder on Apr 18, 2011 Skeets thinks so. Melas is non-committal. Eric Freeman calls it “bad officiating.” Matt Moore opines [...]

  20. And exactly what would be wrong with a hour and a half of TPJ?!? Oh yeah, the only thing wrong with that would be the fact that the amount of consecutive awesome would simply blow the world’s mind and subsequently end all life as we know it.

  21. just want to point out that not all underdogs won the first quarter…. the magic were up 19-17 after the first

  22. Lakers may win the series but many people had the Hornets being swept. Those brooms had to be put away yesterday.

    And although Ariza isn’t an offensive player, I don’t expect him to go 2-13 every game and I don’t expect Okafor to be in foul trouble every game either.

  23. will there be any playoff games brodcasted on the score?

  24. Shane Battie must name his new born child, Trey. He has to!

  25. My wife asked why I had an extra spring in my step this morning?

    Answer: “Just looking forward to our Easter break, baby”

    Real answer: “Playoffs, baby!!!”

  26. even before skeets introduced JD as filming the episode, you could tell by the significantly higher camera angle…

  27. That was an insane weekend. Throw in Berto/Ortiz and Juanma/Salido, I’ve never watched so much good sports in two days.

  28. ^ haha cool a boxing fan. berto/ortiz was sick, but disappointed juanma lost, takes off the luster of a gamboa/juanma showdown…

  29. I love that Divy Up song, but I can’t find it anywhere online…anybody got a good link?

  30. tas: “…so ibaka can get those blockas” HAHAHAHAH (though skeets apparantly didn’t hear that, what a pity)

  31. @Lisa – “Pre-season crowd” may have been harsh. I take it back, but, on TV we couldn’t really hear the crowd until the 3rd. I suppose my expectations are just pretty high for the Boston crowd.

    @walkerp – Sorry you couldn’t find the livestream. It’ll be here – http://www2.thescore.com/video/stream-player.aspx – every Monday during the playoffs at 3 ET for the playoffs. Or, you can find the link on the front page of thescore.com

    @abdi – There will be no games on The Score.

  32. Check that — The Score will air game 2 of the Memphis – San Antonio series Wednesday night.

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